How to manage your account settings

Crowdfunding Advisors Campaign Settings, User Accounts & Security

How to manage your account settings

Campaign Settings, User Accounts & Security
— Updated: July 16, 2020

Article Under Revision

With the release of our new support center, we are revising old and outdated support articles. There may be information on this page that is outdated.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our customer support team directly for assistance. This can be done by placing a ticket with the Support button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

There are three sections in your Account Settings page. This Help Page will show you how to make adjustments in all three sections.

Click here to go to your Account Settings page so you can follow along. 

Table of contents:

Section 1: Identity
   1.1 – Your identity
   1.2 – Username & Profile
   1.3 – Linked Accounts
Section 2: Email & Password
   2.1 – Email address
   2.2 – Password
Section 3: Contact Preferences
   3.1 – Contact preferences

Section 1: Identity

1.1 – Your identity

Most people sign in to the system for the first time through Facebook, so they’ll see their name here as it appears on Facebook:

a) If you want to edit your name, just click the Edit link and type in any changes needed. 

b) Click the Upload your picture link if you want to change the profile image being used. Image size/format requirements can be found here

c) Click Apply when you’re ready to save your changes.

Use your REAL NAME. Your real name helps causes you care about raise more money and ensures that you can access funds you raise. Also, using your real name is required by our Terms Of Service, so if you don’t use your real name, you may run into trouble down the road.

  • You can type in your name and upload your picture.
  • Or you can use your name and picture from a linked account.
  • You CANNOT use an organization name or logo. But you can sign up to raise money for an organization when you create a campaign.

After you click Apply, you’ll see your changes onscreen:

1.2 – Username & Profile

Click the Edit link next to your current Username and type in your new desired username.

When you’ve typed it in, you’ll see a coloured box just underneath, and it will say one of three things:

  • Invalid vanity name. Only letters, numbers and dots are allowed (3 characters minimum).
  • Vanity name is already in use.
  • Vanity name is available. Click the button below to apply.

We’ve recently added privacy controls for user profiles. To make your profile private and remove it from search engine results (e.g. Google), uncheck the Show my activity on my profile option as seen in the above screenshot, and you’ll see a small confirmation box appear at the top of the page, as shown in the below screenshot.

Your profile will be made private immediately and removed from search engine results when the search engine updates its records, typically within a few days. 

1.3 Linked Accounts

To link your social media profiles to your account, just click Link next to the social media network you want to link:

Sometimes, a user will sign in separately through different social media accounts, which creates multiple accounts for the same user. It can get confusing, because the user may have created their campaign through one profile (Facebook, for example), and then later signed in through another profile (Google, for example), only to realize that they can’t find their campaign.

If you’ve done this, don’t worry. You can merge your accounts by linking them together as described above. When you click Link, a “Merge accounts?” confirmation box will appear and show you what will happen after you merge the accounts. 


  • In the above screenshot, I’m currently signed in to my Current account, which already has my Facebook and my LinkedIn profiles linked.

  • I clicked Link to add my Google+ profile, which is the Merging account you see in the middle. The red highlights with lines through the words tell you what information will be discarded when the accounts merge. The green highlights tell you what information will be kept.

  • The third box tells you what will happen to the Current account after you click the Merge button in the bottom right corner.

After you’ve linked all your social media networks, you can choose which one of them represents your public identity in our system. Our system will display your username and profile image from that social media account on all your activity in the system.

Just click the Use for identity link and then confirm your choice in the confirmation box by clicking the Use for identity button:

Section 2: Email & Password

2.1 – Email address

The email address here should be your main contact email, since this is the email address we use to contact you if we need to. This is also the email address you’ll use to sign in through the email & password sign in flow.

To change the email address, start by clicking the Edit link next to the current email address:

Then type your new email address into the field provided and click Apply:

If the email address you just typed in is already in our system, you’ll see this error message:

If you see the above error message, just click the Sign in link and then enter your password to link that email address to this account:

If the email address you just typed in is new to our system, you’ll see this confirmation message:

If you see the above confirmation message, check the inbox for that email address and you’ll see an email like this one:

After you click the confirmation link in the email, you’ll be directed back to your account and you’ll see this message to let you know you’re finished:

2.2 – Password

If you’ve never set up a password for your account before, you’ll see the Set a password button:

Once you click the button, you’ll be asked for the following information:

Just fill in the info and click Continue, and you’re done!

Section 3: Contact Preferences

3.1 – Contact Preferences

There’s a few different types of emails you might receive from us. Here’s where you can choose which ones get sent to you.

A checked box means we’ll send these emails to you, and an unchecked box means we won’t. Once you’ve made your choices, click Apply, then you’ll see this confirmation message at the top of your screen: