How to import your contacts

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How to import your contacts

Campaign Settings, Help Center
— Updated: July 10, 2020

Article Under Revision

With the release of our new support center, we are revising old and outdated support articles. There may be information on this page that is outdated.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our customer support team directly for assistance. This can be done by placing a ticket with the Support button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

One great way to build your audience and expand your campaign’s reach is to send it to your email contacts. Our Import Contacts feature makes doing this easy for you. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your campaign page

When you visit your campaign page, the Admin panel should automatically open for you. If it doesn’t automatically open, look near the left end of the Campaign Admin NavBaralong the top and click Owner, then your campaign’s Admin Panel will appear.

Step 2: Import contacts

On your NavBar click the Contacts tab, then click Import contacts.

Step 3: Select an email client

Our Import contacts feature is compatible with the following email clients:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail / / Windows Live
  • AOL
  • Apple Contacts
  • Outlook

Click the button for your email client.

*Upload your contacts from a CSV file:

To upload your contacts from a CSV file, you will need to format your CSV file with 3 required fields in order for the upload to work.

Fields required: First Name, Last Name, Email address

Once you have the file formatted properly – Click the Outlook option – then “Upload” your file and move on to Step 5

Step 4: Accept Permissions

Our Import Contacts feature is powered by Cloudsponge. Your email client will ask you to accept permissions before you can use the feature. The example below shows you how Gmail’s permissions page looks. You will need to accept these permissions to use the feature.

Step 5: Select Your Contacts

Check the boxes beside the contacts you want to import, then click Next.

Please note: You can import up to 100 email contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Windows, Mac and other locations. We have limited this amount due to misuse of our email servers and to help avoid automatic spam filters applied to your messages.

Contacts that you import and then remove still count against your limit, so choose wisely.

If you need to reach more than 100 contacts, use the  Email share feature available in your admin panel and on your campaign page. We also highly recommend using an external emailing service such as Mailchimp to help keep your messaging organized. 

Step 6: Personal Message

Write a personal message to your contacts so they know why you need their help. 

Step 7: Preview Email

Click the Preview email button to see exactly what we’ll send your contacts. Your personal message will appear near the top of the email. The preview loads in a new tab, so just close the tab when you’re done looking at it to get back to where you were.

Step 8: Import Contacts

When you’re ready, click the Import button. This will do a number of things:

  • Import your selected contacts into your account 
  • Send an email to your selected contacts with the personal message you added
  • Add your selected contacts to your campaign’s list of followers so they will receive all future updates you post (they can opt-out at any time)

You’ll see a small confirmation box letting you know you’ve done it right. Once you see this confirmation box, you’re done!

Please note: The contacts you import are stored in the Followers page of your campaign and are not added to our general marketing emails.

Your imported contacts will receive only two types of email notifications:

  1. Weekly Digest emails – Containing information about activity on all campaigns they’ve been imported into. 
    What this means is that if you import someone into your campaign, and someone else imports the same person into their campaign, the weekly digest email will contain information about both campaigns.

  2. Story Update emails – Containing the Story update for the campaign(s) they have been imported into.
    What this means is they will receive an email every time you post a Story update on your campaign.

Need to remove a contact?

First, click Contacts in your campaign’s NavBar.

Next, click the X next to the follower you want to remove.

That’s it! 

Please note: Removing a previously imported email will still count against your 100 limit.

To promote your campaign to a larger subscriber base we suggest you send out a separate email through your existing email channels.