How to enable and manage Sub-campaigns for your Organization

Crowdfunding Advisors Campaign Settings, Help Center

How to enable and manage Sub-campaigns for your Organization

Campaign Settings, Help Center
— Updated: July 10, 2020

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What’s A Sub-campaign?

It’s a feature available only to Organizations, used to allow supporters and volunteers to raise funds on behalf of their Organization without giving them access to their financials. 

The Organization creates a campaign, then turns on the feature. Their campaign then becomes a Master Campaign and they’re given access to a special “Sign up page” link that they can share with anyone who wants to create a campaign to raise money for them.

The supporter or volunteer can then create a clone of the Organization’s campaign that they can customize to tell people their story about why they support the Organization. Each Sub-campaign will display the amount raised through it, and the Master campaign will show the combined grand total of the amount raised through the Master campaign plus all Sub-campaigns.

This allows the Organization to raise much more money than was possible on their own, because they’re giving the community an easy way to help them out, and at the same time they’re empowering the community members to tell their own story about why they support the Organization. It also allows the Organization to easily track which people raised the most money through their Sub-campaign. 

What will the Sub-campaign owner have access to?

These two screenshots will show you the tabs in the Edit pages for both the Master and Sub campaigns and show you what they each have access to.

How do I enable Sub-campaigns?

  1. Create a campaign for your Organization by following these steps
  2. After the campaign’s been created, visit the campaign page and click the Edit link in the black Campaign Admin NavBar at the top
  3. Click the Advanced tab down the left side
  4. You’ll see five check boxes in the Sub-campaigns section:

    Enable sub-campaigns – Check this box to turn on the feature.

    Include master campaign story on all sub-campaigns – Check this box to make sure the information you enter in the Story section on the Master campaign will appear on all Sub-campaigns
    Sub-campaigns require your approval – Check this box if you want to manually approve every sub-campaign before the supporter is allowed to launch it

    Allow sign-up from master campaign & sub-campaigns – Check this box if you want to place a “Start your own campaign” button in the sidebar of your Master Campaign and its Sub-Campaigns:

    Enable team sign-up – Check this box to allow people running Sub-campaigns to raise money as a team instead of individually. For more info on team fundraising, click here.
  5. Click the Save changes button at the bottom

Sub-campaigns have been enabled on my campaign. What’s next?

Enabling Sub-campaigns automatically turns your campaign into a Master campaign that your supporters can clone & customize through the Sign up page.

After you’ve created the master campaign, the next thing you’ll want to do is grab the Sign up page link and send it to your supporters/volunteers.

Click the gear icon at the right end of your campaign’s NavBar, then click Sign up page and copy the address for that page to send to your supporters/volunteers. 

When you send them the sign up page link, you should also include a link to the following Help Page, which will tell them everything they need to know about setting up the Sub-Campaign:

How To Create A Sub-Campaign

How do I Approve or Deny Sub-Campaigns, and how do I contact a Sub-Campaign Owner?

  • If you checked the “Sub-campaigns require your approval” box so you can review all Sub-Campaigns before approving them, then you’ll need to know where to go to review & approve them.
  • If you didn’t check that box because you want to let Sub-Campaigns launch immediately, you may still need to know how to deny them, in case someone creates a Sub-Campaign that contains content that you don’t want associated with your Organization. Clicking the Deny link will suspend an active Sub-Campaign so that no more funds can be collected through it.
  • You may also want to know how to contact a Sub-Campaign Owner in case you need to reach out to them. This section teaches you all of these things.

Click the gear icon at the right end of your campaign’s NavBar, then click Sub-campaigns:

On the Sub-Campaigns page, just click the Title of the Sub-Campaign to review it. After you’ve reviewed it, just back up to the list of Sub-campaigns and click the gear icon () to approve or deny it, or look at its transactions list or contact the Sub-campaign owner.