How to delete a comment

Crowdfunding Advisors Campaign Settings, User Accounts & Security

How to delete a comment

Campaign Settings, User Accounts & Security
— Updated: July 16, 2020

On any campaign page, guests and supporters are able to post comments on the Activity Feed. Guests do not need to make a donation to comment on the campaign, but they are required to make a User account to do so. Only campaign owners, and the User who made the comment, are able to delete it.

Donations made to the campaign with a custom comment can also be deleted by the campaign owner. Record of the donation will remain, but the comment will be removed.

Important! Deleted comments cannot be recovered, so be cautious!

Donors can edit their own comment through their custom Edit link. This link was submitted to them with their confirmation email. If they have any trouble editing their donation comment, they can write in to customer support for assistance or contact the campaign owner.

Campaign owners can also help a donor with editing their comment. To do so, the campaign owner will need to find their Transaction and click on the pencil icon.