How to add a Manager or Promoter to your organization’s account

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How to add a Manager or Promoter to your organization’s account

Campaign Settings
— Updated: October 14, 2020

Need to Transfer Ownership of a single campaign or your Organization’s account to someone else? Go here instead.

Managing an organization’s fundraising campaign by yourself can be hard work! Sometimes you need a little help from your colleagues.

This page will show you how to invite a co-worker or volunteer to your campaign and show them how to accept your invitation.

Before you get started: 

If you don’t understand the difference between Managers, Editors, and Promoters, we recommend that you scroll down to the bottom of this page first so we can show you the difference.

How to invite a Manager or Promoter to your Organization’s account

Sign in to our system and click your profile image at the top right corner of the page. In this drop down menu, click Organizations.

Click Team tab in the NavBar along the top. Next, click Invite someone now.

Type in their email address, choose their role and click Invite.

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How to accept an invitation

  1. You’ll receive an email with the subject line “You’ve been invited to manage fundraising for _ORGANIZATION_NAME_”. Open it and click the Accept the invitation button.
  2. Click the Accept the invitation button, then sign in/sign up.
  3. That’s it! You’ll see confirmation onscreen that you’re now a Manager (or Promoter) for the organization’s account.

Role Permissions Comparison Chart

What are the differences?

The Roles assigned on the Organizational level are automatically inherited on all connected campaigns. If a user is an Editor for the organization, this means they have Editor permissions on all connected campaigns.


Promoters have the ability to make Updates on the campaigns and can share them on social media. These Updates are a part of the activity feed on the campaign itself and are emailed to the Organization’s or campaign’s Contact list. Images, updates or general thank you’s can be posted through Updates with this rank.


Editor allows the user to make edits to any campaign settings, change the theme, customize the goal or deadline, etc. Editors do not have permission to change the recipient payment account for the organization. Editor also allows the user to invite new co-workers, accept team applications or remove existing team members.

Editors can also create new campaigns for the organization.


Managers are the assistants to the Organization Owner. They have access to nearly everything for the organization and the associated campaigns, including the Transaction Reports. They can download the report, send thank you’s from the report or make basic edits to donor information (not their private payment details) for typo correction if needed. They can also generate Tax Receipts and reissue receipts should the Organization offer automatic receipts.


The Organization Owner has access to everything, including the recipient payment account information. The Owner can also transfer ownership of any campaign to another co-worker on the team as well as transfer ownership of the Organization itself. They can also chose the preferred Pricing Model for any current campaign, as well as all future campaigns, and customize this setting at any point over the duration of the active campaign.

Note: We highly encourage that groups or organizations assign the Account Manager or Beneficiary as the Owner to allow them to manage the payment information as needed. This is not mandatory, it is simply a recommendation to help avoid overlap of information requests.

 Just remember: If you don’t trust the users with the responsibilities listed above, then don’t invite them.