How do I add offline contributions to the campaign?

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How do I add offline contributions to the campaign?

Campaign Settings, Payments & Providers
— Updated: August 7, 2020

Offline contribution posting is provided free of charge as a courtesy to our users. 

However, keep in mind that the primary means of adding funds to your campaign should be through the Contribute button on your campaign page, since that gives the contributor the option of automatically sharing their contribution via Social Media, allowing your campaign to automatically reach more people and raise more money through your contributors’ networks.

Offline contributions are not automatically shared
, meaning that any offline contributions you submit won’t be seen by as many people as they would have if your supporter had contributed through the Contribute button.

Here’s how to add an Offline Contribution:

1. Go to your campaign page and click Transactions page link in the Admin menu

2. Click the Add Offline Contribution button

3. Enter the amount of the Offline Contribution, the contributor’s name, a message (if they wanted to post one), and the Date & time you received it, then click the Add contribution button

4. That’s it! Any time you want to, you can see a list of all Offline Contributions made to your campaign by clicking the Offline Contributions link in the Admin menu in the black bar.

Note: Offline Contributions can be added and removed as needed. There is no cost or charge to add an offline contribution, nor is there a transaction fee. We do not believe in charging campaign owners on funds they have raised outside of our platform and no funds are actually send through a payment processor, so there are no transaction fees either.