Feature: Recurring Contributions / Automatic Payments

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Feature: Recurring Contributions / Automatic Payments

Campaign Settings, Payments & Providers
— Updated: July 10, 2020

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Organizational campaign owners can accept monthly or recurring payments on their campaigns.

What you need to be able to receive Recurring Contributions:

  • A verified Stripe account and/or PayPal Account
  • Available for any Campaign and/or Organization in our Pricing Model

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1

Go to your campaign’s Edit page. Click the Edit link in the black management bar along the top of your campaign page.

Step 2

On the Edit page, click the Funding & Deadline tab on the left side.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom and look in the “Recurring payments” section. Just check the box and click Save Changes at the bottom, and you’re done! Your contributors now have the option to set up a monthly contribution to your campaign.

Note: If this feature does not appear for you, you either need to double-check your payment provider (Stripe or PayPal) or you may be in a region where reoccurring contributions are not available specifically due to regulations by local governments for pre-approvals.

Are you a contributor?
You’re in the wrong place. Click here to find out how to set up a monthly contribution (pay attention to Step 2).