Can I raise money for disaster or tragedy relief?

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Can I raise money for disaster or tragedy relief?

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— Updated: August 21, 2020

Earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, hurricanes, civic unrest and other large scale disasters and tragedies. How can I help?

Firstly, thank you for reaching out and wanting to help those in dangerous or tragic situations.

The generosity of online communities always amazes us and we are very grateful that you have come to our system to try and help.

With this in mind, we have to be very careful about monitoring the kind of fundraising done through our system. As a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to disaster relief efforts. Some regions are heavily monitored or are directly unsupported by our payment processors or local governments. Because of this, we must monitor what types of campaigns can and cannot run with our system.

You must fall under one of these three categories to use our system for disaster/tragedy relief:

Category 1: I’m an Authorized Officer/Employee of a charity or non-profit organization

You’re collecting contributions as an Authorized Officer of a registered Non-Profit Organization with 501(c)3 status (or equivalent if outside US).

Have you been directed here by our Support Team?
Look at the byline on your campaign page. If it says Personal campaign but you’re an Authorized Officer of a registered Non-Profit Organization, then you created the wrong type of campaign. Personal campaigns are for personal use only.

Please reply to our Support Team and ask for help switching your campaign into an Organization campaign.

Important: If you are from a For-Profit organization, you need to make sure that your group is able to send funds to the region in question. Many countries do not allow support from groups without a registered charity number due to taxation and government policies. For ease, we recommend that for-profit groups raise funds on their own, then direct the funds to a registered charity so the funds can be managed safely.

Category 2: I’m helping someone I know personally

You’re collecting contributions for yourself or someone you know personally who has been affected by the disaster/tragedy, and you can prove it.

  • If you fall under this category – Your campaign must be created as a Personal campaign, and your campaign page must name the person or group of people you’re raising money for.

Upon request, you will need to provide us with information and/or documentation that proves that you have authority or have been granted authority to raise funds on behalf of this individual. We may also ask for information and/or documentation that clearly shows how the funds collected will be transferred to or used to benefit this person or group of people.

Note: “Documentation” can be something as simple as a string of emails between you and them discussing the campaign, as long as the emails clearly identify the person or group of people and also clearly show the person or group of people authorizing you to raise funds on their behalf. 

Please DO NOT simply copy & paste the conversation into your reply. We need to see the original conversation.

  • If the conversation happened via email, simply forward the email to and reference the Support Ticket number from the message we sent you.
  • If the conversation happened via another method (Facebook Private Message, WhatsApp, etc.), then you will need to send us a screenshot of the conversation.
  • If you cannot do either of those things, then the person or group of people you are raising money on behalf of will need to contact us directly at and reference the Support Ticket number from the message we sent you.

Category 3: I just want to help

You’re collecting contributions to help the victims, but you don’t know any of them personally and you’re not an Authorized Officer of a registered Non-Profit Organization.

Most people reading this page are in this category. You heard the news about the earthquake/hurricane/tsunami/etc. and you simply want to help how you can.

If you fall under this category and you already created your campaign – Here’s a question that you may not have thought about before you created the campaign:

If you don’t know any of the victims and you’re not part of a non-profit organization, how are you going to make sure the money you’re raising actually reaches the victims you’re trying to help?

You’ll need to figure out the answer to this question if you want to keep using our system to help them. You’ll need to contact a Non-Profit Organization that is already helping with relief efforts, and arrange to provide FundRazr with a Letter Of Subordination from them authorizing you to raise and collect money on behalf of their Organization. 

You’ll also need to make sure your campaign’s Story names the Non-Profit Organization you wish to support. If your campaign’s Story already names them, then all we need is the Letter Of Subordination.

Please note: Any campaigns that are created for disaster relief that do not fall under one of these three categories may be suspended without notice, and PayPal and/or Stripe may be notified regarding the PayPal and/or Stripe account being used to accept contributions through that campaign, which may result in the funds in that PayPal and/or Stripe account being frozen and funds either being held or returned to the senders, or further action.