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The Amazing Raise 2020
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Ended May 31, 2020

It is our 5th year doing The Amazing Raise campaign online.  We usually raise funds for a specific project or our vet bills.  But this year is a little bit different.  This year we have a pandemic that is stretching across the globe.  A very new moment in the 21st century.  Besides the social distancing, pared down staff and volunteers, a shut down of many veterinarian procedures, and difficulty getting cleaning supplies, we have had to cancel fundraising events.  If this pandemic runs into June we will have lost a pub fundraiser, a plant sale, a garage sale and our much anticipated open house.  We are LUCKY we have this online campaign.  In an effort to  recoup some of those losses we are upping our goal to $40,000.  The bulk of the money will go to medical bills but we cannot guarantee this. As we head into our 3rd week of isolation we are unsure how this pandemic will affect our little shelter and what area of operations funds will be most needed.  We understand that that people may have difficulty with finances right now so any amount is appreciated, including a share of our campaign.

The Amazing Raise has always put the fun into fundraising.  And this year is no different. The SAINTS’ are divided into 4 teams based on that part of SAINTS they consider home. There is the House , the MP Room, the Barn, and the Shop. Each group is on a race to raise the most amount of money for their respective areas; it’s all very exciting and for such a great cause! Each group has a team captain.  We will be sharing their stories in an effort to showcase the type of animals that come to live at SAINTS.

We invite the public to join in the fun by giving a donation to your favorite area of SAINTS. Just click on the link of your favorite area at SAINTS
Team Barn (The name says its all... the barn animals)
Team House (If you love dogs and cats this is the team for you)
Team MP Room (The shy cats and dogs, a few not so nice dogs, birds, and a turtle all live here)
Team Shop (Mostly the rabbit area but they are willing to share with the occasional cat and oddly this year newborn lambs)



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