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I left an abusive person with my infant and returned to University 3 years ago. Deeply impoverished, this person kept making trouble for me but I persisted and graduated. Now their wrath fuels an attempt to legally take full custody under false pretenses.

This is to raise funds for a Family Lawyer at a time when a person is trying to deceive the court into gaining full custody to fulfill a longstanding threat to take my very young child from me.

Two and a half years ago I had left an abusive person and was living with my infant daughter while finishing my degree. This person could not connect their abusive behavior to the result of losing the relationship and budding family.

At this time I was still nursing and living on campus alone when their irratic, explosive behavior started to affect me. They realized they could finally get to me by threatening to take my infant daughter.

Having court ordered time in my home, this person repeatedly renewed the threat, stole from me, threatened to harm me, threw racial slurs at me, tried to get me evicted (by putting a pet on the back porch in the middle of the night) and hid their income to avoid paying adequate child support.

Police did nothing since they never caught this person red-handed and I was not being beaten. They were easily manipulated by this person as they slid into a Dr. Jeckle mode and started suavely lying to police as soon as they arrived.

A few short months after they started this campaign of bad behavior, they began pouring tens of thousands of black market dollars into an aggressive family/criminal defense lawyer.

Petition after petition this person rewrote the entire story, lying to the court and sending me into urgency to evidence their deciet for the sake of my child.

Having had hardly any maternal support and being legally bound to an area with one of the nation's highest cost-of-living, this person has fully taken advantage of the fact that I cannot afford an attorney to help me in family court.

As this person gained more and more unsupervised time, my little one started having disturbing, unexplained sympotoms.
After ER visits and testing/follow-up with her physician, the most concerning of these incidences remain unexplained.
Medical professionals, childcare providers and mandated reporters have made mulitple calls to CPS, opening numerous investigations into this person - all ending "inconclusive" - some of them strangely so since my child is now old enough that first hand accounts of abuse by this person have been given to mulitple people.

This person, persisted in family court, gaining more time at each hearing as the judge primarily gave credence to the words of their attorney.

Finally a couple weeks ago this person filed to take full custody of my toddler away from me.

They twisted and lied about the CPS reports and are claiming I simply called CPS myself with false stories. Their decpetive presentation plays upon CA Family Laws regarding "parental alienation" inwhich a parent making wrongful accusations of the other may lose custody. 

I have never claimed to know the cause(s) of my daughter's symptoms and claims of abuse have come straight from her. I have never wrongfully accused this person.

I have a good case, as I can show that this is not how CPS came to investigate this person - however I desperately need legal representation. The judge has denied my request for equal representation twice.

I continue to work hard to provide for my little one and continue to sink into debt, unable to get a line of credit for an attorney for my fight to get what my child needs.

Family Lawyers in the area typically require a $3k-$6k retainer, at $325 an hour.

My last day to file a response is June 9th by 3pm.

My goal is to retain an attorney this week to start preparing evidence and a strategic response.

Please share this fund raiser, start a wildfire of $30 donations, donate what you can - all is deeply appreciated.

From the depths of this Mother's Heart,

Thank you



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