NGO, WildatLife: Urgent Appeal for 47 Starved animals Burkina Faso Zoo.
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Blind Lioness Alma, one of the 47 Starved Animals at the Zoo. 

The NGO, WildatLife makes an urgent appeal for support. An African Zoo with endangered wildlife species had left 47 Wildlife species on the brink of death. 4 Lions, 2 hippos, 2 porcupines, dozens of monkeys, elks, red neck ostriches, turtles and a one hyena left to suffer in appalling conditions. 
Location: Republic of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

WildatLife.e.V: On inspection of the 112 hectares Zoo, the team found dozens of endangered species on the verge of death. Hungry, weak and exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. The more that was inspected, the greater the horror that witnessed. Our partners, ‘The Association for the protection of Fauna and Flora’, located in Burkina Faso had called our NGO for urgent assistance. We have since implemented this urgent fundraiser and started the feeding programme and legally closed down the Zoo, so that we can save the 47 Animals and provide them with the urgent care that they need. 

The 4 captive Lions are believed to be of West African Heritage, with only 400 left in the wild it is even more shocking to know that such critically endangered species has been treated so abhorrently. 

(Photo: A malnourished lioness left to fend for herself and has turned blind).

Most of our images are just too horrific to print, like the last breathes from the dying Porcupines.
 The 2 porcupines left to rot and starve to death in this cage.
We have learnt in our investigation that in last six years, most of the captive Zoo animals had died from lack of care and food.  When our team inspected the porcupines cage, we were met with the smell of decay, they took their last breathes in our teams presence. They had been locked and left to rot to death for too long. It was devastating!
While documenting the harrowing abuse, we immediately implemented a feeding programme for the 47 Animals in horrific conditions. 
The most important factor at this stage is to raise funding so that we have enough financial security to keep the animals alive at a cost of around £500 a week, which covers food, care and urgent medical attention. Our NGO is working with a small foundation in Burkina Faso to turn the horror of a Zoo into an ethical Sanctuary which will also require a lot of work and support as the the enclosures are old and do not provide the animals with the enrichment they deserve. 

About our NGO WildatLife.e.V:
Wildatlife.V an international non-governmental organization (NGO) working in the fields of wildlife conservation, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and  has started a urgent fundraiser: Please consider donating  to keep the animals alive at a cost of £500 a week, covering food, care and modest salaries for a small staff of eight and to support, ‘The Association of Protection for fauna and Flora’ in Burkina Faso to implement an emergency takeover and turn the horror of a zoo into an ethical wildlife sanctuary.  Website:

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