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We. the people: An Integrated Human Connection Cosmos at Burning Man
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The Origin and Story behind the Art.

This is an art installation about human connection, nature, technology and an integrated future.  The intention is to build beautiful bridges across the communication gaps that keep us from our best future possibilities.  You are invited to participate in time zero of its inflammatory epoch.

Who am I?

My name is Sharon DeMattia, lead artist, imagination maven, re-humanizer, and a creative curator of connection. In 2013 I arrived on playa alone, scared, and groundless.  My heart split wide open and my bones vibrated outside my body as FreQ Nasty bent the laws of physics at Camp Question Mark. Inspired, I went on an adventure.  In the 6 years since I have deepened my contributive experience within Black Rock City as well as the world.

I founded The AIM Project (The Art Inside Me) a global art initiative about human connection, possibility, and freedom. Nearly 6000 individuals have shared their stories as anonymous self portraits of previously hidden internal dialogues.  I am an Artist/Scientist having earned an advanced degree in physical science prior to exploring the art of human behavior and psychology. My vision is to break down the walls we build within ourselves, between each other, and to turn the world into a Gallery of Shared Humanity.  

I am inviting you to actively join me as our system is at risk and we cannot sit idly by, complacent and waiting for someone else to "fix it". Our future is a collaborative canvas that asks for participation. Everyone has a paintbrush and the capacity to contribute in different ways; otherwise surrender to the idea that there is nothing to be done and allow the future to be shaped by shapers that divide us rather that unite us.

The Project

For the first time we have the power to decide the fate of our planet and ourselves.  

This is a time of great danger, but our species is young, and curious, and brave. It shows great promise. - Carl Sagan

Will we be the inventors, the invented, the integrators or the integrated?

We. the people. is a dynamic, integrated, data visualization that uses collaborative humanoid forms as transmitters and receivers of stories through time.  Blank canvases shaped as human become platforms upon which we create and share our experiences as art.  These forms will move about the world drawing a digital map of evolving human connection that can be viewed and interacted with either live or from the palm of your hand...


Burning Man 2019 is The Big Bang.

You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares.

You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. 

See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.*

Welcome home.

Imagine an 8 foot tall, 108 foot wide transparent circle with glowing laser cut images sitting on top of the playa.  A beacon beckoning you. 

As you approach the entrance, a humanoid form stands sentinel, two pieces of luggage on either side.  

The luggage holds the artifacts of identity that have shaped our human experience. Above the entrance will be a sign, “Everybody has a story to tell.”

You enter the circle and are greeted by 36 humanoid forms; they stand relaxed, arranged like 12 spokes around a center hub. Each form a blank canvas, its chest  displays its heart and holds a cultural theme. Permanent markers are available and you recognize the invitation - a call to explore and express human connection.

A HUGE glowing circle full of glowing humans calls you to adventure.


The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is determined only by our own wisdom and courage.

We are the custodians of life's meaning.**


Who is the first to enter?  Who picks up the first pen? Imagine the forms taking shape as individuals pick up markers and write on their “skin”. Once lifeless, the forms receive the energy of interaction, alchemize and undergo metamorphosis. Each becomes a unique stimulus to new dialogue and a node of connection. Time lapse photography will capture the flow.

The hub of the circle is a 10’ diameter platform resting 2’ above the playa.  Each morning at sunrise a ritual will honor the creative forces of the Universe renewing the intention inside the circle of connection.  On Monday the earth will be honored, then wind, water, and fire. The Cosmos is acknowledged on Friday, and Love on the night of the Burn.  Finally, on Sunday, Death will beautifully remind us of the value and fragility of life as we transition back into the world. 

We are the representatives of the cosmos;

we are examples of what hydrogen atoms can do given 15 billion years of cosmic evolution.***

The Future

Your donation funds Phase 1 of a larger vision.  It’s big and it’s bold - just the way a new universe is meant to be!  Over the 12 months following the event each unique piece of art will be installed with a blank partner in locations determined by those that actively engage in the project.   A data visualization application will track the progress of evolution.  Imagine a time slider that, when at point zero is Burning Man 2019.  Now imagine moving it forward and watching these forms continue to multiply and move as they draw an interconnected cosmos of human connection. 

Check out the PDF of the long range vision of this project: Evolution Beyond Black Rock City

Our future depends on innovation with shared vision and compassionate, creative collaboration.  MUCH LOVE AND GRATITUDE for your consideration and I hope you will join the party both on and off the playa! 



*** Thank you to Carl Sagan for your wise words that encourage our journeys into worlds of wonder and awe beyond our knowing.

How can you help?

Everybody has a paintbrush with which to contribute on a collective canvas.  I am grateful for all that you offer and encourage you to communicate.  That said, it takes money to build the installation as well as its future evolution.  Will you become a collaborator? 

I dreamed up this installation after the honoraria deadline, so funding is up to us!  

If it is helpful for you to have your contribution as tax deductible please send me a message and I will connect you with my fiscal sponsorship information. 


  • 38 forms
  • 82’ diameter circle (57 panels of transparent acrylic panels with CNC laser designs) are the largest expense and define the integrity of the space.
  • 100 Fenceposts, PVC pipes, 324 clamps, bolts (the attachments!)
  • Structural integrity and safety is important; therefore, Engineering is a non-negotiable expense!
  • Lights, power, transportation, and storage.

Who is going to make it happen?

Other collaborators include: 

BIM Designs CAD renderings

Wetherby Reynolds Fritson Engineering and Designs for calculations, details, and schematic plans.

Artech Reno as fiscal sponsor. 

Olectric Electrical Services for lighting and power design.

The artists at The Generator who inspire me with their energy, vision, and kindness.  You support and encourage the impossible dreams. 

Ideas? Volunteer?  What? Yes! 

We are having a really good time here and would love for you to join us!  Click the link and fill out the very short form...

The Creative Collaborators

THANK YOU...for so many things.  I appreciate you, the time you took to read this, and hope you will consider contributing as an active sponsor / collaborator.  

Check out the perks, I think they are pretty awesome! Please feel free to contact me directly with any comments or questions at


Much love and gratitude,

     :) Sharon






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$25 USD + free shipping
Sticky Love
Ships to United States
The smallest of things often carry the greatest of joy. A sticker on the back of a computer, or on the side of a travel mug tells a story about who we are, what we care about, and invites its own conversation. Your contribution is so appreciated, you are now an active participant and will receive acknowledgment on the website.
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$50 USD + free shipping
Ships to United States
Imagine an acrylic miniature humanoid form that catches the sun through a window as it sits on a table or a desk. It serves as reminder of our shared story and commemorates your participation in a grand expansion of human connection. You also get the sticker and gratitude beyond words.
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$100 USD + free shipping
Truth and Challenge
Ships to United States
Question what we our stories keep us stuck or set us free? A custom T-shirt will uniquely draw attention to #challengeyourbeliefs with humor. It’s a surprise, a mystery...just wait until it arrives! I know you will love it. The sticker, the statue, and the gratitude beyond words will also be coming your way.
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$250 USD + free shipping
Fuzzy Love
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Hoodies are so cool and cozy like a hug with a zipper. You get all of the above and a soft, awesome addition to your wardrobe. Find me on playa or anywhere for a real hug as well! Yes to a sticker and a statue too!
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$500 USD + free shipping
I See You
Ships to United States
Part of the design of this installation is transparency - from the walls of the circle to the humans upon which we will create. To be transparent is to speak as truth. Stunning photography taken by the Sapient Eliot Drake (see Team) that will be printed on transparent acrylic panels that you can hang on your walls. Yes, all of the above, and an 11x14 print to remind us of love, truth, and transparency. A sticker, a statue, and a t-shirt also included.
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$1,250 USD + free shipping
The Infinity Jewel
Ships to United States
The ancient Hindu story of Indra’s net describes a net of infinite dimension stretching into the universe. Imagine human interactions like intricate, lace-like strings that weave together with the humanoid forms resting like stars at each connection. Indra’s net defines these intersections as glittering, infinitely reflective jewels. We are each other’s infinite reflections. At this support level you will receive a custom designed sterling silver pendant of highest reflection, the jewel of you, by local Reno artist Doug E Moore of D Street Designs. [link] Of course, the sticker, statue, and t-shirt will tag along!
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$2,500 USD + free shipping
Happy Hours
Ships to United States
Wisdom meets wonder in a new kind of happy hour at this donation level. The integration, and expansion of experience beyond the playa and into the lives we define as “real” is possible. Gather your friends and I will lead you through a 3 hour multimodal workshop of enhanced connection to self, other, and the sweet juice of a life well lived. Everyone at this party gets a t-shirt and a sticker!

*please note that travel expenses are not included. I am confident we can come to a collaborative solution according to location.
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$5,000 USD + free shipping
Cosmic Sponsorship
Ships to United States
Think of a theme that resonates with your own experience of life, or an idea that you would like to explore as a collective. Now imagine that theme is “tattooed” on the chest of one of the forms. As people enter the circle they will wander and contribute according to these themes. Whether or not you step foot in Black Rock City, a part of you will be there inviting dialogue from the world. In phase 2 these forms begin their travel and cross- cultural storytelling. You get to decide its first location. Star ONE in the birth of a connected human cosmos. Forever. Expansion into the mystery of a new universe.

Sticker, T-shirt and other mysterious goodies also to arrive.
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