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When we started World Housing in 2013, our goal was to develop a model whereby the real estate industry could create real social change for families living in slums around the world.

We are very excited to provide the opportunity to become World Housing Ambassadors to our entire S&P Real Estate team. Together, we can contribute to World Housing’s Vision of building 2000 homes and housing 10,000 people by 2020.

To date, we have gifted 605 homes in 6 countries. Next year, our focus will be on building homes in El Salvador.

Let’s work together as a community to build a community and forever change the lives of families living in unimaginable conditions.

Thanks for getting involved!


Sid & Pete

World Housing gifts homes to families living in slums around the world.

Over a billion people live in slums. That's 1 in 7 people alive today living without hope amongst trash, sewage, drugs, and abuse in unimaginable conditions. Families living without safety, stability, education and nutrition lack dignity and hope for the future. With your help, we can change this.

100% Promise

When you give to World Housing 100% of your donation goes towards building homes for families in need.

Give Kids a Foundation to Grow Up On

When a family receives a safe home, everything changes. A secure home, first and foremost, provides safety from life-threatening dangers like storms, intruders, diseases and other factors of an opportunistic environment. Safety and security has far-reaching implications that positively influence the long-term foundations that children thrive on:

  • Income
  • Education
  • Health
  • Family stability
  • Radically improved sleep

Ways to make impact.

GIFT A HOME - Set your goal of $8,278 CDN, and over the course of a year, you can make personal contributions to make it happen.

RAISE FUNDS WITH YOUR NETWORK - by spreading the word and sharing your giving page. Here are some ideas:

BIRTHDAY FUNDRAISER - Pledge your birthday. It's easy: instead of gifts, ask for donations through your giving page.

GIFT YOUR GIFTS TO WORLD HOUSING - Having a gathering or special event like a house-warming or an anniversary party? Share your page so that everyone can choose to donate as an alternate way to give a gift.

DONATE $1 A DAY TO CHANGE THE WORLD - Would you notice if a dollar fell out of your pocket? Have you noticed the change that accumulates on your dresser, in your car? This may seem insignificant and even get lost without you ever realizing it. If you gathered up that $1-a-day and donated it to World Housing, our dollars can grow into homes.


World Housing works with local building partners who have in-depth knowledge of the community and years of proven impact in the region. In El Salvador, World Housing is proud to partner with New Story, voted one of the most innovative charities by Forbes Magazine.

This is a snapshot of what life is like for families in El Salvador.

  • Living in “survival mode” with extreme poverty issues —lacking multiple basic human needs
  • 1 in every three families is led by a single mother
  • 95% of families live below the international poverty line of $3 CDN per day

When families move into a community, basic needs are now met enabling families to move out of survival mode and begin the journey toward helping themselves propel out of poverty.

Achuchapán, El Salvador

Located 96 km west of El Salvador's Capital lies the small community of Achuchapán. Achuchapán has a municipal population of approximately 38,000 people. This will be the location of the first S&P Community to be built.  Working with World Housing and partners New Story, and following the success of their first project here; the local government has agreed to provide electricity, paved roads, clean water and more, furthering our impact on this community.  The houses funded by the S&P Real Estate Team will provide the homes to change the lives of the families that live here.

A Home for Everyone.

$8,278 CDN is needed to build a home for a family. The more funds we raise, the more families will be housed and a community will be built.  For more information about World Housing go to

Thanks for getting involved!


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