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Do you sometimes struggle to make sense of the world?
I had spent years feeling my thoughts were alien.
Going to my first Burning Man,
I was guided to a group of like-hearted individuals that helped me alter this feeling.
We aim to help facilitate that potential moment for others.

What is The Key Bearer Project?

The Key Bearer Project embodies the experience of forming meaningful connections and overlapping in a way that might not have happened before. It is a social movement that aims to influence our world in making more sense through a gifting process that will send participants on an adventure. On that journey, they will interact with beautiful art, people and games that lay the foundation for individuals to bond and express themselves with the embrace and encouragement of others.

Burning Man 2019 Design

The Key Bearers will bestow keys to individuals going above and beyond, displaying acts of kindness, and that person just needing a little hope. We will document why a key was issued and send the receivers to find the matching lock and gift at the Courtyard of the Key Bearers.

The Courtyard of the Key Bearers was designed to be inviting and represent symbolic structures based on universally translatable mathematical principles.  Visually appealing with a feng shui vibe, visitors will enter our central gathering area and not want to leave. This allure coupled with our gifting adventure will help bring citizens together and send them on a quest to metamorphosis.

Walk through the Archway of PI to reveal the crystals laden with gifts behind custom panels inscribed with art from around the world. Swing on the golden ratio swings or catch a glimpse of yourself in the double-sided mirror heart. Anyone can find something to explore. This Courtyard will create a massive impact by bringing people together. Time spent finding their matching lock or playing among the structures will allow them the opportunity to overlap with other amazing people. Who knows what might come of these interactions?

How Does Your Donation Help?

Even with the project constructed of mostly recycled and upcycled materials. (All acrylic and carpet was salvaged from the recent Grand Sierra Resort renovations, most of our lumber recycled from another project and shipping crates. The pipe used for the swings and some of the crystals is recycled oil field piping.) We still have along way to go in our funding goals. The remaining needs include transport costs, steel, hardware, a generator, fuel, lighting and a ton more locks!!

We are inviting anyone to help us create the highest level of interactivity possible! If you can't make a direct donation, but are heading to Burning Man, bring gifts, bring locks and attach them anywhere on the project to become a Key Bearer.

If you will not be going but are passionate about gifting, contact us, send us your gifts and we will find a surrogate to gift in your stead.

A Lasting Impact

We want to encourage these connections to continue beyond the event. Pendants will be forged from community aluminum donations, stamped with a unique serial number and a QR code allowing the receivers to connect with our team and to each other.

We will file to become a non profit and as we travel, attending different venues, the network will grow. We will work together to generate ideas that can improve the world. Once a year our community will hold a democratic vote on these ideas and their potential global impact. We will use all funds raised to make the idea with the most votes real. 

We aim to help empower individuals to chase their dreams and find happiness; in turn making this world a better place. We have a long road ahead, our goals are extensive and we would greatly appreciate any possible support in building this community.


This is a fiscally sponsored project of the Reno Generator.
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation,
Please contact us here


Follow us on our social media to meet the team and see the project in action:

Instagram @thekeybearerproject

Facebook @Thekeybearerproject

Please consider donating to help us bring our project to life!


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