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Cardi of Afghanistan
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Meet Cardi of Afghanistan~

"Little Cardi was found by my husband and his unit that is deployed to Afghanistan.  She was extremely sick and barely holding onto life.  The unit has bonded over this sweet little girl.  She has helped them through some tough times the last few weeks.  We just want to give her a better life in the USA."

From Cardi's Soldier Daddy:  "So we are currently deployed in Afghanistan.  My soldiers called me one day saying that there was a puppy outside of our gates.  Myself and one other decided to go check on it because at this point she had been out there for 2 days and has barely moved.  When we got out there we noticed wounds underneath her back legs and some kind of fluid sack on her belly.  We washed her with some anti bacterial soap that our field surgical team had and gave her food and water.  From there we watched her to see if she was going to move.  After about an hour we brought her into camp and asked our surgical team to look at her.  They gave her an ultra sound on her belly and some antibiotics that they keep for service dogs.  We then decided to keep her and monitor her for the next three days giving her food and water.  We were worried that she wasn't going to get better and would have to euthanize her.  After those three days she started to get more active and play with the other dog that another one of the guys is rescuing.  Since then we moved her behind our tent and she more or less moved into it and stole one of our blankets.  After talking to my wife she insisted we try to rescue her.  She contacted the local anchor in our town and the fundrazr has taken off.  She's our platoons little miracle pup."



Life for a dog in Afghanistan is brutal.  Most do not live past 3 years of age.  Any animal in a war torn country struggles to survive but put them in a country that is actively at war and the obstacles are huge...lack of food, shelter, vetting, love and most of all an environment that does not have the education or resources to respect their animals.  The dogs in Afghanistan are guardians and for thousands of years was vital to the tribes that raised sheep and goats.  Once the Taliban restricted the people to care for their animals the life for the dogs and cats has been horrific.  The animals bond with our soldiers because their hearts are good.  

Lets get this sweet girl to the USA!  

Thank You Men and Women for your service to our country. It is because of your dedication that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Paw Salute!

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The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to assist military men and women to bring home their companion animals they have bonded with while deployed on foreign soil.

~Watching Miracles Happen~

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