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We are a private self-sustaining reptile & amphibian specific rescue & the only one in the state of Kansas & NW Missouri. We are working toward 501c3 status but all of our disposable income goes toward caring for our rescues & fosters.

All too often, reptiles and amphibians are given or bought as pets without fully researching their needs. Habitats, lighting, food, handle-ability, and medical needs are often more than what owners expect and as a result, proper care becomes unsuccessful and at times, impossible. Many of these animals are released, abused, or neglected through no fault of their own.

Located in Leavenworth, KS, we are a rescue and fostering family that provides care, food, housing, and handling until proper, capable, and loving homes can be found. We also travel to pick up animals in need of capture or rescue.

Each of our rescues is housed separate from all other animals and upon rescue, each animal is given a health exam and any necessary procedures and prescribed necessary medications by our exotic certified veterinarian.

At Scaly Hearts Reptile & Amphibian Rescue & Fostering, our goal is to have the ability to accept all rescues but in order to accomplish this, we need more housing enclosures, more UVB lights, more heat emitters and funds for the every day care and maintenance, as well as the health care of our animals.

For the last two and a half years we have financed the cost of the rescue from our personal funds but unfortunately, we are no longer able to do so as a primary source of funding. At present we have a well established Dubia Roach colony that is a primary food source for our animals who eat insects.

To our knowledge we are the only reptile and amphibian specific rescue in the state of Kansas and northwest Missouri. Our current needs are two to three 8x4x4 (approximate) enclosures for large reptiles, several 40 gallon reptile tanks, under tank heaters, ceramic heat emitters, UVB lights (desert and tropical) and fixtures, shelving, and "furniture" for the enclosures.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please feel free to contact us at or on our Facebook Page.

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