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My name is Luciana and my reason for living is my granddaughter Lilliana. She is now 4 years old.

We have to save Lilliana from the documented abuse (see photos below) she is experiencing at the hands of my ex-husband and his wife who have lied to the courts and gained legal custody of Lilliana. Please help us get her out of that home and back to her daddy where she can begin to have a normal life again! Please share with your friends and family! Time is of the essence!!!

In August 2014, my son Johnny, Lilliana's father, moved out of the home which he shared with Lilliana's mother and he took Lilliana with him due to her mothers issues with alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, Lilliana's mother still hasn't sought out help for her addiction and has not seen Lilliana since then.

My son Johnny brought Lilliana to safety, to live in my home.

My son worked late hours and he tried to make it home from his job, 45 minutes away, before Lilliana would fall asleep by 8pm. Many days she'd already be asleep and he would get her from her bed and bring her to sleep with him on the couch :) 

My son Johnny and his daughter Lilliana have ALWAYS had the closest and most beautiful relationship since the day she was born!

In August 2015, my sons father, my ex and his wife, who could never have her own children, went to court and LIED, stating that Lilliana had been living under "their" roof for an entire year. Lilliana, in fact had been living in my home with my husband and I. We had been helping my son raise Lilliana this entire time.

My son actually moved just 5 minutes away from us, to be near his daughter Lilliana. Even though it meant his commute to work would be a lot longer.

My sons father and his wife also LIED to the courts, telling them that my son was homeless and they didn't know where he was and that he was unemployed. Even though they were aware of his new address near me.

My sons father and his wife also LIED to the courts, stating that my son had no job. Even though my son was working all along as a tattoo artist at a well known tattoo shop. He is still employed there and is highly admired by not only his boss but his fellow tattoo artist and clients. He's never missed a day of work in 3 years.

My sons father and his wife, filed for legal custody of Lilliana, armed with all of these LIES to the courts and then ... they served my son the court papers at an address of a building, where they knew my son would never receive them. They then went and collected the court papers to ensure they would not be returned to the courts, unclaimed. 

The courts assumed my son got the court papers about the trial being held for legal custody of Lilliana. So, when my son didn't appear at the trial, the courts immediately assumed that my son had abandoned his daughter and they granted legal custody of Lilliana to my sons father and his wife.


My sons father ... finally found a way to gift his wife, what she could never have attained on her own ... The gift of a child, a beautiful little girl ... named Lilliana.

When we all found out what had happened, we were outraged. By the time we found out, it was too late to file an objection. They cleverly kept the news from us until just after the deadline to file any objections.

It was taking too long for my son to come up with the thousands of $$$$ it would take to retain an attorney, so he went on his own pro-se to try to get legal custody back of Lilliana.

The courts would only grant him visitation with Lilliana every Wednesday morning through Thursday evening.

 My sons father has not allowed my son or us to see Lilliana on ANY holidays, not Thanksgiving, not Christmas, not Fathers Day, not Easter, not for her birthday, Nothing!

The WORST part of this is that my sons father and his wife are physically and mentally abusing and neglecting our beautiful innocent Lilliana.

Every day that she spends with my sons father and his wife, she is at risk. My sons father has a temper that has proven to be quite unpredictable. 

We've picked up Lilliana from my sons father and his wife with black eyes, severe bumps and bruises to her head, swollen, red eyes. Black and blue marks on her thighs and buttocks. All to which they explain as normal occurrences from childs play. 

Except of course there was the time they said Lilliana FELL OUT OF THE CAR!!!!

Lilliana has NEVER even ONCE had these types of injuries while she was in the care of her father and in my care.

We have now paid in excess of $10,000 in Attorney fees and court costs.

Even though the judge has seen these photos, she continues to leave Lilliana in the custody of my sons father and his wife.

(They have a family member who is a lawyer and has close connections with this judge in that county where the case is. I didn't say certain FAVORS are being done for him, I just thought I'd mention it!)

The judge is aware that MY SONS FATHER WAS RECENTLY ARRESTED FOR ASSAULTING MY SON AGAIN. The judge STILL continues to rule in favor of leaving Lilliana in their custody. The judge is also aware that in 2015 my sons father held a loaded gun to his head and threatened to kill him. Police reports stating that this assault occurred, still had no effect on this judge.


Photos of Lilliana, pointing out where my sons father had SPANKED HER SO HARD, that he left an awful bruise, still wasn't enough for this judge to return legal custody of Lilliana to her only available parent, her father, my son Johnny!!!

This photo shows bruising on both Lilliana's arms!!! BOTH of Lilliana's arms were "completely bruised" from her WRISTS, ALL THE WAY UP TO HER ELBOWS!!!! BOTH of them. When my ex and his wife handed her to us that day, they thought they were clever by putting Lilliana in a long sleeve shirt to cover it up on a day that was 87 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!! It's obvious to us, that my sons father, with his awful temper, must have snatched Lilliana up by both arms in a fit of uncontrollable rage! There is no other explanation for this type of bruising on both arms like this!

Lilliana had told me that they had been hitting her, so I asked her on this day if they had hit her again and she told me to tell them to stop hitting her. She then became afraid and told me not to say anything because they would be mad at her for telling me ... click the blue link below 

Lilliana asks me to tell them both to stop hitting her. Then says not to say anything because they will be mad at her for telling!

Unfortunately, this video of Lilliana asking me to tell them to stop hitting her is INADMISSIBLE in court! All videos of her screaming and crying not to be taken back there and begging to stay with her dad are ALL inadmissible in court!!! 

Unfortunately, it seems that this judge only seems to notice that Lilliana's father has tattoos, even on his entire head. 

Lilliana says "I love my daddy's tattoo's on his head, because they are of Jesus Christ, Jesus' mommy The Virgin Mary, a beautiful angel and a cute little dove :)

There's so much more, but I just can't anymore! Lilliana is begging to go back home with her daddy. She's grown accustomed now, to faking it while she's with my sons father and his wife. The look in her eye's though, when we drop her back off to them every Thursday is a look of "how much longer" It's literally killing me! 

Lilliana is so excited that she will be getting a new baby sister for Christmas. It's all she seems to talk about lately. But if we don't get her out of her current situation, she will never grow up knowing her new sister. She will more than likely be told by my sons father and wife, that her daddy loves that baby more and that's why they'll keep the new baby but not her. I can't even imagine the destruction of this poor childs mind that will continue, if we don't get her back home to her daddy. 

Please! Please help us get justice for Lilliana and donate something, anything to help us continue fighting to get her back. We can't stop trying now! I know that God has a plan to soon get her back to her father and to us.

Every donation goes directly to the Slater & Zurz Law Firm, who are working diligently to properly proceed with this case and to get Lilliana back to us, where she belongs!  

Please pray for Lilliana's safety until we get her back completely and pray for us to maintain our sanity during this time. 

To read about how this is even possible, because I know it seems unbelievable ... click the link below and you'll see it's unfortunately happening to many children. Its an outrage how corrupt our justice system is!




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