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Purposeful Play Room
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Ended Oct 18, 2019

We hope to create a space to support the Whole Child Approach  and promote the development of executive functioning skills that will allow students to make the best choices in any given situation. Our idea of purposeful play will also be integrated with our school's mission of   STEAM experiential learning opportunities.

With this initiative it would allow them to build relationships, build up their task initiation and self-monitoring skills. Students will learn to break down tasks into planning, prioritizing and organizing so that they are able to begin and complete tasks successfully. Other features of executive functioning skills that this room will allow to blossom are impulse control and emotional regulation. 

This room will allow them to build  critical skills that they will need at school and in life along with a sense of self and balance, on a daily basis to increase academic and social and emotional success.

We are observing a stark increase in students coming to school with poor executive functioning skills which may be due to trauma and/or learning disorders. This greatly disrupts learning for all students and does a massive disservice to all children who deserve a quality education in a safe and inclusive environment.

What is Purposeful Play, anyway? Especially in kindergarten, play is how students learn. Supporting rigor in their learning in a fun and playful room leads to a real joy in learning and social development in a child-centered and authentic way. By engaging in dramatic play or reenacting a story that they read, students engage in meaning-making that will be long-lasting.   By creating art and igniting their scientific curiosity, this room will optimize play in deep and meaningful ways to foster executive functioning skills.

Dramatic Play:



Chef Outfit:


Kitchen Accessories:

$14.99/$18.99/$17.99 Total $51.97



Career clothing:


Dentist Kit:




Grocery Store:


Clothing storage center:


Tool Bench:




Car Rug:


Large Blocks x3:

$39.48x3=$118.44 & $55.96



Magnify glasses:






Art Supplies:

Paint containers with lids/ brushes:

$16.96/$9.40 Total $26.36



Spirograph: & Jr.

$28.38/ $18.60

Dot Markers:





Nature Decor:

Pillows: x3

$1.99 x 3 = $35.97

Pillow x3

$7.99 x 3=23.97




Total: $1,442

Celena Rosenberger, Janae Hiersche, Aarti Kamalahasan and Lacey Toledo (The Kinder Team), Laurie White (Counseling) and Ruby Fuller (Student Success Coach)

This project is supported by the Beaverton Education Foundation.

Founded in 1988, the Beaverton Education Foundation raises money to provide hands-on innovative academic enrichment and advancement programs & projects that go beyond normal school funding at all Beaverton public schools and is a 501(c)(3) community-based nonprofit organization. BEF mobilizes community resources to fund innovative classroom, summer and after-school programs.

In the event that this project does not reach its goal, BEF may apply the funds received to another project in need.


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