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A letter to Small Business and Entrepreneur's

Dear Entrepreneur, The Profile can help you.  Are you a small business, an entrepreneur like us? We understand the challenges of what just happened to us all in this crazy world. It knocked the breath out of us. But we are still standing and this is our idea how you can keep going.

Our team at The Profile believe in the power of community and we bank on our supporters to help us out so we can provide the ultimate Coworking space to offer you. Now we are asking our same network to help you out directly.

This unique crowdfunding campaign is created to give you a platform to reach out and get funding assistance for a full year Community membership to The Profile. It will give you full privilege access to our space, events, and ecosystem as you work hard to achieve your goals. 

Our network of corporations, banks, law firms, service providers and VC's etc. want to be involved in this process. So tell your story, make it personal, share it amongst your friends and family, and we promise to help you reach your goals by getting it in their hands as well. 

It's easy and quick. Submit your story and let’s get you in our community soon.

We know you’re the next big thing

Happy crowdfunding! 

About The Profile

Our Vision

The Profile will change how amazing people like you build and grow ideas, find fulfillment, and interact. Unique architecture, members-only events, and a growing community drive our innovation.

Our Core Values

  • Entrepreneurs and their ideas
  • Work-life balance
  • Architecture that builds community and growth

Our Inspiration

  • Space matters. That’s why The Profile is all about architecture and spaces designed to inspire people to work, to connect, and to drive their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • People matter. We believe in people who crave inspiration, knowledge and collaboration. The Profile is for people that are driven to invest in relationships, new ideas, and to kick start initiatives.

Our Passion

  • We are committed to helping our entrepreneurs achieve work-life balance. Through our amazing space, great events, and sense of community, we work hard to help our members balance their business and personal lives.

The Profile is all about a fun environment and culture that brings people together that want to share ideas and encouragement, without losing work-life balance. Our community is driven by:

  • Collaboration
  • Great member events
  • Positive energy and idea sharing

Profile Memberships help aspiring entrepreneurs surround themselves with an environment that supports their growth. For more information, check out our website by clicking on our logo below.



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$275 CAD
One Month of Access
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This provides me with one month of access to to The Profile coworking environment. I can hardly wait to see all the things I can do in this time!
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$2,750 CAD
Full Year Membership
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This provides me with a full membership to the Profile coworking environment.
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$30 CAD
A Day At The Office
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This provides me one DAY of access to The Profile coworking environment. If you provide me one or more days and others do the same, I can combine them into a membership.
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$550 CAD
The Double Up
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This provides me two WHOLE MONTHS of access to The Profile coworking environment. As always, if others do the same, I can combine them into a membership.
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$1,650 CAD
Halfway There!
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This provides me with 6 months of access to The Profile coworking environment. If you provide me one or more weeks and others do the same, I can combine them into a membership.
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