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We are here because our "Justice" system has completely failed 27 of our American Citizens. Many simple ranchers raising grass fed, free range beef without all the steroids & antibiotics in most cattle.

We often refer to them as ( P3) Patriot Political Prisoner. They are jailed in 5 different prisons in CA, OR, WA and NV. Pulling this FB page and the fundraiser together has kept many people quite busy for several days now.

Our Patriots need to BUYbasic necessities like toilet paper (yes toilet paper!), toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, & maybe an extra pair of underwear. They receive many letters from family, friends, and supporters; they'd like to write them back but it costs money for stamps and envelopes as well.

These items are unfairly charged at a higher rate in the prison system than we (on the outside) purchase daily & Our Patriots can not be sent pre-stamped envelopes or even writing paper; the letter along with the "contraband" will be returned to the sender.

Our Patriots also use this money to call family or enjoy a snack like a candy bar or maybe a big treat like a pizza night on Sunday. For many families, the fees associated with accepting prison calls makes communicating at times impossible.

By supporting through this site all of Our Patriots will receive donations; we're set up to distribute equally to everyone (barring unforseen circumstances). This takes pressure off the already stressed out family's who are having to deal with a legal system that has labeled their sons/husbands/brothers/fathers as "terrorists". Many families are having to move back in with a parent because their income alone just can't cover everything.

This group has also set up a support page for the patriot's wives, fiances, & girlfriends - because THEY are the only ones who know what everyone else is dealing with.

We also have another page where we can all talk and post to keep everyone updated on trial outcomes, if a Patriot needs money, or if a family member needs some help. We provide a of all fundraising sites the families have set up & let us know about; this main group is called Patriot Family Support & Protection.

We're not scammers trying to steal money from wives without husbands & children without fathers. Some of our members include Sarah Redd Buck, Elizabeth Nelson, KA Doucette, Shari Lynn Trujill, Cheryl Spencer, BG Cast; AS WELL AS many family members of Our Patriots.

Any amount whether it is $5.00 or $500.00 is much appreciated and will be dispersed equally to all of Our jailed Patriots. 

Fees associated with donations are as follows. Please feel free to check this information out yourself. The ONLY money that doesn't get to Our Patriots is the money taken out in fees.

Fundrazr Fee: 5% FLAT FEE of each donation


a payment provider fee (WePay/PayPal) of [2.9% + $.30 per donation]

Prison Fees Vary

TouchPay - $50.00 donation has a $6.75 fee, $75.00 has a $7.63 fee,  & $100.00 an $8.50 fee.

Western Union - $50.00 - $7.95 fee, $75.00 - $7.95 fee, $100.00 - $9.95 fee. 

My Care - $50.00 - $5.95 fee

We will be posting to our FB site & hopefully this site - spreadsheets showing the donations & dispersements & fees. How often yet we don't know but our first day will definitely be posted so that EVERYONE can see that WE ARE LEGIT!


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