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     Pride. Tradition. Community.  

The Nyack Tower Fund is a group of Nyack Alumni who are dedicated to fulfilling a dream to build a perfect reduced size replica of the old Nyack clock tower school building, and bring it to the new field to light our communities sporting events. Not only to honor the tradition of past generations, but to instill that same pride of community and togetherness for countless generations to come.

Our vision for our new memorial Tower is exactly as it is shown in the Pictures and VIDEO above. Hit the play button and take a look at all the pictures by clicking on the more button.

These renditions would be what the sports complex at the New Nyack High School will look like if we can raise our very aggressive fund raising goal of $374,000, and all Donations are Tax deductable as we are a 501c3 charity.

The Nyack Tower Fund was born out a simple idea. If Nyack was going to move all athletic events away from the old high school, and the clock tower, maybe we can bring, the history, tradition, and the Clock Tower with us to the new fields by building a smaller perfect replica of the old building, and use it as the new field complex press box.

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One of the best parts of our Nyack community has always the amazing people! Selfless and full of character. They represent the best of us.

Two people who represented the best of Nyack were lost in the tragic attacks on 9/11. Those two individuals were Stacey Sennas McGowan, and Welles Crowther 

 Due to the incredible individual sacrifices they made that fateful day, and to honor them both, our new Tower will be called the Sennas/Crowther Memorial Tower.

Stacey Sennas Mcgowan  Welles Crowther

We ask for your generous help to honor these fallen alumni in the best tradition of Nyack.

We need your help to raise funds, and generate support to Bring the Tower Home.

Please Join us:  We are always looking for Volunteers!  Please Contact Dan Berkowitz at 917-826-0850 if you would like to Volunteer to help spread the word for our Bring the Tower Home Campaign! 

Tower Fund Alumni Committee

Dan Berkowitz, NHS 1988

Rita D'Auria Blinn Class of 1982

Alison Crowther

Jeff Crowther

Derek Davis, NHS Class of 1982

Greg D'auria NHS Class of 1970

Mary Ingrassia Fiore, NHS 1988

Julian Gould, NHS 1999

Liz Gilroy Gould, NHS 1999

Russell B. Grant, NHS 1990

Laura Cahill Graham NHS 1981

Mark Ruggiero, NHS - 1970

Chuck Scarpulla, NHS 1992

Fran Sennas NHS 1959

Semo Sennas NHS 1959

Cynthia Costa Trahan, NHS 1989

If you are interested in Volunteering to help make our project a reality, please contact Dan Berkowitz at 917-826-0850.

The Nyack Tower Fund is a component fund of the Rockland Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization. For more information see our website.

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$10 USD
Nyack High School Building Painting Raffle Ticket
Your $10 donation buys you one raffle ticket for a 15x30 beautiful Oil Painting of the Old Nyack High School Building. It was painted and donated by the very talented Eric Clegg from the Class of 2003. If you buy a $25 donation, you get 3 chances for the $25 perk. This is only Valid until the drawing of the raffle on Facebook Live on June 22nd at 8PM. 100% of ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE TOWER FUND! If we get over 150 Tickets sold, I will have it framed for the winner.
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$25 USD
Old Nyack HS Painting Raffle 3 chances for 25
  • 27 bought
For a $25 donation, you get 3 chances in the old Nyack High school painting Raffle that will be held on June 22nd at 8PM. The painting was donated by Eric Clegg of the class of 2003 and 100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go to the tower fund building.
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$35 USD
Your name on a small Brick with two other Grads.
For this $35 donation, you will get your name on one line of a brick and share it with two other Nyack Grads who would like to have their name in the pathway, but who don't want their own individual brick.
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$50 USD
Thank You Facebook Shout out!
  • 22 claimed
For any Donation of $50 you get a your name on a Brick with one other Nyack Grad.
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$100 USD
Buy a small Brick to Support the Tower!
  • 250 claimed
A contribution of $100 buys you your own individual small Red brick in Nyack's Tradition way with your name, and your class you graduated. The $100 Brick has 3 Lines and 16 Characters per line. Be part of the ongoing history of Nyack High School, and pave the way to funding this project.
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$250 USD
Buy a Medium sized Brick
  • 121 claimed
A contribution of $250 buys you a medium sized White brick in Nyack's Tradition way with your name, and your class you graduated. The $250 Medium Brick has 6 lines and 16 Characters per line. This is good for people with two children and who want a bigger family name listed at the top.
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$500 USD
Buy a Family sized Brick
  • 52 claimed
A contribution of $500 buys you a large Tan brick in Nyack's Tradition way with your name, and your class you graduated. The $500 Brick is a Family Brick for bigger Families. There are 9 lines on a $500 Brick and it is wider with 22 characters per line. You can also get sports symbols on this brick. Its 12x12. Its a nice size. Perfect for a family of 4 or more.
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$1,000 USD
Buy a Bronze Plaque for our Giving Wall.
  • 6 claimed
A donation of $1,000 will get you a Bronze Plaque with your name on it for our Giving Wall. You can fit 6-7 family members on a Family Plaque.
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$1,000 USD
Family Plaque
  • 19 claimed
You can have a plaque that represents your family name, and each family member that went, or will go to Nyack High, and the year they graduated. The plaques will be hung on our giving wall.
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$1,200 USD
Activity Plaques
  • 2 claimed
More specific activities plaques and you can add your own personal or Team picture from High School to the plaque.
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$1,200 USD
Individual Sports & Activity Plaque
  • 2 claimed
You can get an individual Sports or Activity plaque with your name, the year you graduated and a sport you played. The plaques will be hung on our giving wall.
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$1,200 USD
Siblings Sports or Activity Plaque
  • 3 claimed
Share a sports plaque with Two Siblings who each played a sport or joined an activity. Also includes graduation year. We can do all sports activities from Football, to Indianettes to Chess Club, to Hippie hill for all of our 60's Graduates who asked about this.
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$1,500 USD
Family Plaque with Picture
  • 3 claimed
You can have a family plaque with a picture of your family, and all of the family members listed as well as the year of graduation, or future graduation. The plaques will be hung on our giving wall.
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$2,500 USD
Bigger Family Plaque 18x10
  • 2 claimed
This is a Family Plaque that can Hold more names than the regular Family Plaque. This is for Large families with lots of relatives who all would like to be together on a larger plaque.
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$5,000 USD
Buy a Black Bronze Plaque in our Brick walkway
  • 0 claimed
Your donation of $5000 by you a Beautiful Black Bronze Plaque with your name, Class you graduated and set against the Red Brick walkway in Nyack's Tradition way.
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$5,000 USD
Name a Bench on Nyack's Tradition Way.
  • 0 claimed
Each of Eight Benches Donated will carry the name of the Donator on a Gold Plaque on the back of the bench that will be placed on Tradition Way, and displayed for all to see.
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$10,000 USD
Sponsor a Flag Pole
  • 0 claimed
This is a great opportunity to Donate your name to one of Three Flag poles at this Great Field Complex. One flag will be in Honor of Welles Crowther, One Flag will be in Honor of Stacey Sennas McGowan, and One Flag will be in Honor of the American Flag.
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