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I'm raising funds for a life-changing program that gives a single mom a critically needed education: breaking the cycle of poverty and helping her children to avoid crime, poverty and homelessness in the future.

Hello folks.

My friends know I have an intense passion for education. What you and they might not know is how strongly I feel that education holds the key to lifting the nation's poor out of poverty - one student at a time. As a former teacher, as an artist, and as an economist, I KNOW that providing those who were unable to finish high school that missing piece, will kick start their lives onto the path for success.

By "Teaching a Mom to Fish," we are saying we are not providing a one-time hand-out to single parents - mainly single mothers - but rather a hand-up. That hand-up will ensure they can go on to post secondary vocational training, or even college on their way to brighter, future, with a real career!

The money you donate today will help finance a recipient as she (or he) begins their study towards a GED or high school diploma. Not only will it help finance access to an online school that provides the education, but will also go towards providing additional resources, so a recipient can get to the testing center, computer equipment and Internet access to study online, child care to watch their children while they go to study or take test, tutoring, academic and career counseling and still other services.

We can't do it alone...we need your help - your dollars, a couple minutes of your time to sign up as I did and - of course - a little piece of your gigantic, beautiful and generous heart!


In Arizona alone, over 200,000 children currently live in poverty, largely because their single parent household [over 80% are single mothers] is lacking a high school education (diploma or GED). The problem is so much larger on a national level.  This demographic represents one of the most vulnerable in our country to the imminent possibility of homelessness, unemployment and poverty with little hope of altering circumstances without reaching this essential milestone.


The “Teach a Mom to Fish” initiative implemented by E.A.R.N. seeks to provide a proactive solution and affect real change.

It starts with an assessment to determine what is required to ensure successful completion.  This incorporates a complete framework and flexible system for single mothers to attain their high school diploma or GED.  TAMTF improves not only their current life circumstances, but also the lives of their children.  It reduces the rates of homelessness, unemployment and poverty within this low income demographic.  Additional support expands far beyond the core academic essentials to include childcare, transportation, online equipment, tutoring services and so much more.   It is a win-win-win for the community.


While the circumstances of each Teach a Mom To Fish recipient may vary, all recipients are eligible to receive the following services:

  • Skills Assessment Test
  • Placement & Learning Plan
  • GED Preparation Program or High School Completion Program
  • Computer Equipment
  • Internet Access
  • GED Test (if applicable)
  • Child Care Assistance during program (if applicable)
  • Local Transportation to campus or testing site (if applicable)
  • and more. 


The program for one single mother costs $3,000. Together, we can change outcomes for future communities, one single mom (and her family) at a time. 

With just $3.33 a day, you will help empower one single mother to earn her essential high school credential; the program surrounds her with the infrastructure and lifeline she needs to finish.  Again, this includes essential instruction, tutoring, computer equipment, internet access, and so much more.

All it takes is 30 seconds to enter your credit card.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is E.A.R.N. a nonprofit organization? 

Yes! Read more about E.A.R.N. on


Q: Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes! Your contribution is tax-deductible, to the full extent of the law.


Q: How did E.A.R.N. get started? 

The Educational Assistance Resources Network (E.A.R.N.) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing practical access/opportunities for low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, who are truly seeking a life change through education.  

In 2009, when David Hooser created Franklin Virtual High School, an online modality specializing in high school level education, he knew there was a significant gap in providing a total solution for many of the disadvantaged students attempting to enroll.  In 2012, with that vision in mind, he created E.A.R.N. to assist in providing both the financial and other critical support resources necessary to see a student through to completion. 


Q: How do you ensure participants "stick with the program?" 

At E.A.R.N. we believe in a hand UP, not a hand out.  As a result, our support service funding is sent directly to the service providers on behalf of the E.A.R.N. recipient.  Our recipients must “EARN” their education credential and aid through their continued commitment and follow-through. If a single mother student can’t consistently get to the classroom, E.A.R.N. programs can be delivered to her home.  Enhanced access results in shorter program completion times, therefore realizing increased completion rates.  Recipient qualification is based on student “real-life” circumstance(s), income level, individual desire, aptitude for learning, and ongoing (demonstrated) commitment.

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