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With our hungry stomach, empty pocket  and big heart, we decided, we will not let anymore, these exceptionnals treasure disappears.


We will not let your children not know who you are, which child you were, who were their grandparents. Infeelit, our mobile application, help extract 1000+ importants life moments, so we will know:

What has made, broken, marked, oriented, upset and shaped them/you ? What propelled them/you to where they/you are today, to this position, this situation...or simply this age? What fortunes, what encounters, what accidents, what gifts, what characters, perhaps even what dramas, have shaped their/your life? What revolt gave them/you wings? Or perhaps what joy? Or maybe they led them/you? Haunted them/you? That they/you had to fight and struggle, dive and resurface? Did they/you have a dream or not? forced to walk a foggy path? Did lanterns light their/your way? Did angels watch over them/you?


And your parents? Your progenitors! What role? What debt? What burden or what chance? Let's talk about it. Talk about it, share it.

What interests us with Infeelit is the energy of a journey. Its secret springs. The ghosts. The engine. The pleasures. How was your life built? What made you move forward? What have you learned all along?


We spent a lot of time doing researchs, surveys and having discussion with families, individuals, parents, but also, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many families who experiencied losses of loved ones, Alzheimer and Dementia families who assume caregiving responsibilities, veterans families etc...



We came up with these conclusions:

1. We forget 50% of event memories every year, even if we think we remember 100%.

2. knowing the intimate facts of our family histories makes us more healthy emotionally .

3. Using the past to enhance the present help boosting happiness through Positive REMINISCENCE

 and important things, where are your and your closest ones, importants life moments, stored? 

What are we? Firstly, we are the story about humanity. Nothing makes humans more different from other beings than the spectrum of feelings we can experience. Secondly, we are the story about individuals. A life of one man or woman can change and inspire lives of hundreds, thousands, millions of people all around the world.

You – who's reading this – are here because all of your ancestors survived wars and catastrophes, injuries and sicknesses; they were lucky to find a partner and give life to another being.

Every piece of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that you have is given to you by talented and loving individuals who were willing to contribute to this world and were – in the same way as you are – inspired by others who lived before them.

Infeelit exists to uncover this beauty. The smile of your mom; the dance of your lover; the laugh of your child. Those moments are astonishing not only by themselves but in relation to each other. They form stories: those we want to keep safe, tell one another and experience again; those that changed us and will keep changing others.


A young girl observes old vignette photos of her childhood, remembering the warmth of her parents. She dreams of having a child and gifting him the same warmth she received earlier from her mother and father. One story leads to another, and there’s no beginning or end to it. This is life and Infeelit is a piece of art that manifests it.


We don't want anyone to be forgotten, so we need your help to make this project real.

Our prototype is already online, but we need funds for the development, the online security matters, storage, etc.....

That's why we offer an unbeatable price on our Infeelit Family subscription package.

You will get: 
  • Storage 6 TB (6,000 GB) for all Family
  • up to 6 users
  • Anytime,anywhere access
  • No Ads
  • Get unlimited Feels/Infeels
  • Unlimited Time and Space Geo locate Memories

If you would like to help us by giving more, you are free to do and we will be very grateful.





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