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COVID 19: An Unexpected Threat to the Amazon Rainforest
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On the Frontlines of Conservation: A Joint Fundraiser to Protect the Las Piedras

Many natural regions around the world are getting a break from human activity during this pandemic, but the opposite is true for the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Here, we’re experiencing a surge in deforestation.  While government agencies are distracted by the health crisis and most non government organization workers are denied access to the region, illegal loggers, miners and animal traffickers are taking advantage of the reduced forest protection to invade lands in unprecedented numbers.  The high price of gold resulting from the global economic crisis is also driving a boom in illegal extraction in the area, leaving vital ecosystems decimated; polluted for decades to come.   


What can we do?

Stand firm together - all of us! 

Hoja Nueva and Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) have united to defend the Las Piedras region of the Peruvian Amazon during this critical time, and we need you to join our fight.


How can you help?

ARC needs funds to add a crucial 22,000-acres of pristine rainforest - a haven for endangered wildlife and buffer zone for tribes living in voluntary isolation - to the land under our care.  But we need to act fast. The current owner has an offer from an organization who plan to log this land, then continue to cut and clear it for agriculture. 

Right next door, Hoja Nueva urgently need funds for the rehabilitation of injured animals already in their care and to allow them to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, orphaned or abandoned wildlife, and to work with the local communities in Las Piedras to help protect their land from invaders.

Please donate what you can, and share this campaign far and wide!


Why this, why now?

At this time of global uncertainty, protecting our planet's wild places is one of the most meaningful investments you can make for the health of all our future generations.


It’s not just about saving trees and wildlife - it’s about saving ourselves!


Proceeds from this fundraiser will be split equally between our two organizations, Hoja Nueva and Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC). Tax receipts for your tax-deductible donation will be automatically generated in USD and sent regardless of citizenship. If you are a Canadian citizen, contact for your Canadian tax receipt.






Our beautiful fundraising video was created by the wonderful Mallory Bracken. The footage was compiled from both Hoja Nueva and ARC's teams, as well as footage from Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh // Emerging Earth Films. 


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