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My name is Joan Gadsby and I live in North Vancouver,British Columbia Canada and I need your help.
I'm a 5 decade long successful woman executive financially devastated and forced out of my family home of 43 years.




My name is Joan Gadsby and I live in North Vancouver,British Columbia Canada and grew up in Southern Ontario.


I was in the top 2% of Canadian income earners most of my 5 decade long successful career in the corporate world working as a senior marketing ,strategic planning and property development executive with four of Canada's largest companies,as a former excluded senior level executive in the BC government and a successful entrepreneur running 2 of my own companies, my multi family oceanview development Seaview Villa Estates on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia and my consulting company, Market Media International Corporation. I also was a former poll topping non partisan North Vancouver District Councillor for 13 years,part of my extensive years of community service work.

Author of an internationally endorsed book "Addiction By Prescription" - One Woman's Triumph and Fight for Change published in 2000 ,I was also Co Executive Producer of a television documentary "Our Pill Epidemic"- the Shocking Story of a Society Hooked on Drugs which has aired internationally and nationally since 1998.

I wrote my awareness driven book, which was one of the biggest hits at the Frankfurt Germany Book Fair when it was first published, after almost dying February 1,1990 from an unintentional overdose of tranquilizers and sleeping pills wrongfully prescribed for 18 years by my former trusted family doctor following the death of my 4 year old son with a brain tumour.Thank God I survived and have been off all those insidious drugs now for 26 years.

The continued overprescribing and misprescribing of these drugs creates "accidental addicts " and remains as a world wide systemic problem inspite of my years of work ,extensive worlwide research and international speaking engagements in this field.

Rebuilding my health,my career and my family cost me $2million in lost income and assets in the 1990s following my horrendous experience with prescription drugs.

Throughout my working career and lifetime I have always been committed to being a good Mom, making a good living and making the world a better place.

At no time going through the past 8 years of hell since the global financial crisis and economic meltdown of 2008 have I sacrificed the values I was raised with as a child.Nor have I compromised my integrity.

I have always worked in a "man's world achieving many firsts as a woman after graduating from Western University,London Ontario in the 1960s and after being one of the first women in the MBA program at the University of British Columbia and being awarded a scholarship for the highest marks.

I was also nominated as one of Canada's most notable women by the Canadian University Women's Club in the 1990s.


Prior to the well recognized global financial crisis and economic meltdown of 2008, acknowledged as the worst recession since the Great Depression, which I did not create nor could I control, I had personally built through years of hard work,perseverance and determination , $5.5 million in assets including my North Vancouver 4 bedroom home in Upper Capilano Highlands on an estate size treed and view property where I lived and raised my children, my wealth rebuilding project after prescription drugs,my Seaview development on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast and the contemporary high end show home built as part of Seaview's successful phase 1 of 8 townhomes built and sold at Seaview's site in 2007.

Since 2008 I have gone through 8 years of hell with everything I have worked so hard for all my life being seriously impacted and challenged including my ongoing income,my well planned financial security and financial planning for retirement,my lifestyle and sense of well being and my strong belief in social and economic justice and human rights here at home in Canada where I was born.

My losses and damages since 2008 exceed $6million.

All 3 of my properties were foreclosed on and lost through the highly dysfunctional British Columbia Court system created by "old boys" for "old boys" after I had fully paid back the Royal Bank ,Seaview's phase 1 financing partner its $2,588,000 loan from Seaview's phase 1 revenue of $3,362,000 in 2007.

Canadian Banks,including the Royal Bank received $114 billion in "bailouts" through the Canadian government with taxpayers' money between 2008 and 2010 since the Banks were reportedly "underwater" in part to provide continuity in financing to successful business people such as myself through extreme difficulties associated with accessing capital as a direct result of the financial crisis.

However,inspite of having paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to the Canadian government throughout my career and having created 400 jobs with Seaview's phase 1 which I could do so again and could stimulate the economy with each of Seaview's remaining 3 planned phases,financing was not available to move Seaview forward even though Bank executives referred to my Seaview oceanview development as being "stunning."

I was "hung out to dry" and discriminated against by the Canadian government who took care of the Banks and their executives with my only alternative to take out a mortgage from a North Vancouver private secondary lender based on my high equity in my home appraised at $1,325,000 which I was reluctant to do to invest in Seaview to keep the project moving forward with the expectation that the financial crisis would hopefully soon be resolved.

The result - the traumatic and "soul destroying " experience of being forced out of my secure and safe refuge,my home of 43 years on April 12,2013 sold to a "lowball,vulture buyer at $876,000 and "flipped" 6 weeks later to another buyer at $1.1 million.I received no money.

Similarly ,in August 2015, the remaining land for Seaview's planned next 3 phases of 40 condos was sold to another "low ball, vulture" buyer for $550,000 compared to the appraised market value of the 95% serviced land alone at $1,876,000 and appraisal of $3,761,000 for the project as a whole.

In approving the lowball sale,the BC Supreme Court Judge referred to me as a highly sophisticated business woman and flippantly stated that I could rebuild my wealth.

An incredible comment given that I was 75 years of age at the time.

As Seaview's sole shareholder my investment in Seaview to December 31,2014 was $3,026,000 with projected revenue of $18 to $20 million and projected profit of $6.1 million.

My financial survival , future income and livelihood were all dependent on
completing my Seaview development.

All 3 of my properties were lost through the well recognized highly dysyfunctional and antiquated court system which ignored (a) the deleterious and continuing effects of the global financial crisis caused by the greed and dishonesty of financial institutions involved with the sub prime mortgage market (reflected in 2 recent feature films "The Wolf of Wall Street " and "The Big Short ",(b)my allegations of fraud and collusion among realtors,lawyers and appraisal companies working for and with " lowball,vulture" buyers of my home and issues of social and economic justice and human rights.


Donations will be used to assist with legal costs for complex litigation regarding the forced sale of my home challenging fairness,openness, transparency and access to justice enshrined in the Canadian Bill of Rights- An Act for the Recognition and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1960 and enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 with particular reference to "without discrimination",'the right of the individual to life,liberty,security of the person and enjoyment of property",the right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law. "

In addition to naming the Canadian Government and the British Government as defendants ,my Notice of Civil Claim includes the secondary lender who provided a $174,000 mortgage on my home, its lawyer,the private contractor for the BC Government who hired the movers who trashed and lost my furnishings and accessories,the realtors and appraisal company involved and the agent for and the "vulture" buyer of my home who "flipped" my home in 6 weeks.

My claim includes discrimination, failure of duty of care, negligence,alleged fraud and collusion with over $1million in damages for loss of equity, damaged and lost furniture,punitive damages,special costs and extraordinary costs for reprehensible conduct,cruelty, abuse,psychological and emotional trauma.

As a result of the high costs of lawyers and of financial necessity,I became a self represented litigant in Court for 4 years to try and protect my hard earned interests regarding my home and my Seaview development .I was described by Judges and Masters as "a person of integrity,hard working and conscientious and not "a shrinking violet."

I have been looking for an experienced and dedicated lawyer and law firm to work closely with me on this litigation who is knowledgeable of legal principles involved, can research relevant case law and provide advice on procedures and if funds are available through this fund raising campaign to represent me in Court.


My civil claim for my home which is my highest priority is 85% completed in draft format and is required to be filed by October 31st,2016.

The filing of my Notice of Claim re my Seaview development with damages and losses of in excess of 5million is targetted for filing by
May 1,2017.


I am sincerely and earnestly requesting your financial support in my fight for justice and to right a serious wrong which has left me financially devastated in all respects through no fault of mine nor of bad business decisions I have made.

Favourable Court decisions in my litigation can become precedent and landmark setting and can help others who have not , for whatever reason(s), fought back.

I am a survivor and I will not stop in my search for justice.

Whatever amount you can donate will be most appreciated


Donate  here through online secure WePay or through direct secure deposit to the Bank of Montreal transit number 07780 institution number 001 account number 3978 583 Joan Gadsby Action Fund.


Or,in person at any branch of the Bank of Montreal.


Joan Gadsby

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