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Hello fellow supporter and contributor,

My name is Elie, and I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I believe every cat and kitten deserves to live a healthy life to the fullest. It takes a team of committed volunteers, having a common belief to make the impossible, possible. My amazing comrades have this mutual belief, and we began doing it out of our own pocket, unconditionally, dedicating every spare moment of our daily lives to fulfill our mission and to serve in ways we could not have imagined we would one day.  


Your kind monetary support would allow us to continue to help tame and home many more homeless cats and kittens, enabling us to successfully continue our mission, making our vision come to pass. Together, with your help, your understanding and compassion, we can make this a reality by offering and serving each and every cat and kitten that comes along our path a second lease on life, a "10th life" if you will. In other words, we view it as being reborn again, from 'cradle to grave'.

What Will My Money Contribute To?
Of course you're probably thinking, "Where will the money I donate go?” or "What will my hard-earned money be used for?" or even, "Why should I help this particular campaign when there are so many others?"

Those are all great questions, and ones I would ask myself before donating to ANY cause.
As mentioned before, we aim to serve the homeless cats in any community. It is through no fault of their own that they find themselves on the streets, homeless and lacking what we like to call a 'furever' home.
Homeless cats can be defined as a stray cat, feral cat, abandoned cat, abused, unwanted, too old, too young... you name it. The bottom line is: A homeless cat is a cat that does not have a place to call home – yet – until we come to his or her rescue!

We also have yet another mutual belief:
‘Homeless cats aren’t owned by anyone – they belong to everyone.’ – Elie SK

Back to the point though:
When each kitty is in our care, your donation will help us:
• pay to lease or rent one or more small safe space

• purchase portable shed/s throughout the GTA, which needs to enclose climate-control units, keeping constant temperature throughout the year, also to provide any other necessary furnishing requirements

• having one or more behavioral skill person to initially asses each cat's needs and the level of tameness and begin to apply his/hers socialization process to each cat separately until each cat is tame and social enough to adopt

• provide a safe environment for cats / kittens to recover after enduring the cost of vetting for the spaying or neutering, vaccinating, deworming, microchipping and possibly dealing with any underlining medical issue

• assist with purchasing crates and kennels to confine each cat/s during the socializing period, toys and other miscellaneous items: foods, litter and many more necessity materials. Please note: on average, the process of the ‘holding-while-socializing' could take as little as 2 weeks up to 3 months, at times a lot longer – one thing is for certain, this cat will never be homeless ever again!

• provide a safe, securely monitored environment for cats / kittens to gain human trust and thus ultimately being adopted out through a reputable charitable organization/s, ONLY through 100% volunteer-run, no-kill

• help the ongoing veterinary costs for severely ill, injured cat/s, requiring on going medication or while awaiting surgery.

My daughter has 3 rescued cats of her own, they were all what some rescue organization would call 'feral' (born in the outdoors). They are all ear-tipped, as they went through what is known to be TNR program - Trap, Neuter, Return.... in this case, none were returned to their colonies, instead now are living in harmony with humans.

Example: Cali, a calico kitty was thought to be 'extremely feral,’ yet all she needed was a little tiny bit of TLC, and after 3-months of hiding under the bed cowering, she is now one of the sweetest cats ever and even plays with her younger human sister, Aurora, my two-year-old granddaughter.

The above example is a great one for what your money will help us with! It's because of amazing supporters like you, the person reading this, that we can continue to strive towards every cat, regardless of age, having a home at the end of the day.

Our vision: Is to provide every deserving cat and kitten a well suited environment to call home.
Our motto: No cat is ‘too feral’. We do not believe in the letter ‘R’ (return) – the hypocrisy of the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program. Every cat and kitten deserves a safe environment, caring and loving home - FUREVER!

***Thank you for your kindness and generosity – every dollar counts – together we can make it happen!

Homeless Cats Without Border Team

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”
― Nelson Mandela


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