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I first met Kitty Bowland in 1987. I was attending a horse show with students and horses, she was the judge, wearing a jaunty hat and a well-cut, fashionable suit, overseeing and knowing what she was looking for.

I was intimidated and in awe when this empowering judge wanted to meet me, the unknown kid from the boondocks? Of course, it was about a horse. She had a client looking for a horse - and I had a horse for sale.

Over time we became more than associates, colleagues and business partners. I have been blessed to know and appreciate this most honourable and gracious person for over 32 years, a truly lovely lady, and a woman I call one of my best friends today. 

There is not much any of us can do for Kitty as she enters a fight we all fear, the fight against cancer. But we can all share a little out of our pockets. It is so easy to give something as a way of supporting her on this journey. I started this fundraiser because I can not stand by and do nothing, she is my friend.

So I am calling on all friends, family, and colleagues in the Horse Industry here in the Ottawa region! Kitty Bowland, well known and respected Senior Judge, Level 3 Equine Canada Coach, a long-time member of our tight-knit world of horses needs our help!

November 5th – Kitty woke up that morning, coughing hard, with little breath…. again! Thinking it was a repeat of her ongoing struggle with pneumonia, a common illness that gets treated with antibiotics, Kitty was getting a wee bit annoyed that (between pneumonia, bronchitis and the recently diagnosed COPD), the medical community didn’t appear to find it particularly odd that she instantly became so sick within hours of waking, and every time she had to be admitted to the closest emergency department.

Leaving the hospital …. again…. and again, the prognosis was pneumonia, yet this time something a little more sinister caused the attending doctor to order an ultrasound in addition to the standard x-ray. For the past 5 years, nobody had thought to investigate Kitty’s mucky lunges with more than a passing radiograph. But November 5, 2019, someone caught a faint shadow up high on the x-ray. The results were not good. In fact, the results are terrifying!

Kitty Bowland has been diagnosed with Stage 4, Small Cell Lung Cancer. Her recent MRI shows it has metastasized to the bones. The sarcoidosis on her lungs is causing fluid buildup that requires draining almost daily. 

All of this happened literally overnight. From the everyday normal of going to bed, after sharing a wonderful meal and evening with her partner Christopher Bacon, to awakening in the morning coughing and barely able to breath, Kitty began the fight of her life with no warning that her past experience of recurring pneumonia (which had been well monitored and treated) had been anything other than what the medical profession assumed it was. Nobody looked past pneumonia. 

I spent a day with Kitty on September 27th. She coughed a couple of times during the drive, and in apology she mentioned that she was diagnosed with COPD after her emergency return home from a visit with her daughter in BC only last spring. We looked at each other, laughed and commented in unison, “sure doesn’t sound like a heaving horse now does it?” Two old friends who have lived their lives with horses and have experienced it all from birth to death with our animals, neither of us gave a thought to this odd dry cough. I could not keep up with Kitty that day as she met and greeted so many colleagues and friends, shaking hands, giving hugs, sharing stories and joking with so many people attending the event at the new Becancour Equestrian Complex in Quebec. Leaving this amazing facility, she was so excited for the beginning of the new year as she had accumulated so many requests and inquiries and a firm booking for the 2020 season of horse show judging. Kitty was on a roll; life was good. 2020 is still the goal, Christmas 2019 is a goal post, and Kitty Bowland needs you to join her team to fight the fight against Cancer.

Kitty Bowland is like most of the self-employed coaches, trainers, judges, and workers in the Canadian Horse Industry. Some of us are so fortunate to have spouses, or outside careers, that provide us with additional health benefits, pensions, accident and sickness insurance, and emergency reserves, BUT there is a large core of us that have nothing extra other than a little we put away for a raining day. Kitty is a member of the latter group and her ‘rainy day’ has become a category 5 hurricane with sustained winds, storm surge, and flooding waters. She needs help and she needs help now.

Despite the fact, that Canada provides a health care system that provides for all of us, it does not cover all the costs associated with fighting and surviving disease, illnesses and accidents. Kitty is one of us! Her self-employed earnings abruptly ended the morning of November 5th, her expenses have not. Limited savings will not keep the heat on, the car running, the groceries bought, or the purchase of drugs not covered under OHIP. This is a battle that requires money.

Our dear friend, acquaintance, co worker, coach,and mentor is affectionately known to many of us as Kitty Von Pussycat. Kitty has graciously shared with each of us for many, many years, giving of her time and giving of her money when she should have put it in the bank for a time such as this. Kitty has participated in fund raisers of all kinds within the horse industry, time and time again. Kitty Bowland is a part of the fabric of horse people throughout Eastern Canada. All of us have been judged by Kitty at the horse shows, and our horses have increased their value as a result of her fair and honest opinions. All of us have been taught by Kitty one way or the other and all of us have become better horse men and women because of the dedication and experience that Kitty has shared with all of us. Most of us have bought or sold a horse that Kitty recommended and put money in our pockets. Kitty does not stand on the sidelines with her hand out demanding or asking anything from us. Kitty Bowland has a reputation on fair play, hard work, and she celebrates life by enjoying it to the fullest. Kitty Bowland is one of the most gracious, kind and giving people amongst us.

Please donate today. This cancer is moving fast, and Kitty needs to focus all her efforts on fighting the fight. Her daughter Tara has left her job and home in British Columbia to be by her side and to be her advocate with treatment. Her partner Christopher Bacon, also self-employed is no longer available for outside contracts, as he is preparing their home for sale. The house sale will eventually free up desperately needed funds in order to provide for their basic living needs. Chris is the ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ but he can not keep up, the bills have been overwhelming in such a short time.

Your donation will go directly towards supporting Kitty through this devastating time. Hope springs eternal and the road to recovery includes expensive cancer treatments, that will only add to her financial burden. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help her and her family in this uphill battle.

Kitty, her family, Chris, and their closest friends thank you for your generous support.


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