Hilton Was Returned For Euthanasia....
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Over 100,00 dogs ago, Hilton's family chose him from Miami Dade Animal Services.  This weekend, after over a decade, they brought him back to be killed because they didn't want him any more.  His photo came to us, a little old frosty man, stripped of everything he has ever known, willfully given away by the people he has given his lifetime of love for to be euthanized - an errand to be checked off the list over a long holiday weekend.

He is not covered in tumors, he does not have cancer, he does not have any of the conditions that we know make people make decisions we hope we never have to face, he was just old and his family was tired of him, so they returned him back to the place that they chose him from, to die.

The only condition that Hilton is suffering from is a mouth full of rotten teeth...pretty darn rotten teeth that will take a pretty fancy dental to get them squared away.  That is it....a dental, one that would have been significantly less had his teeth been cared for every year, or even every other year.

It is easy to hate, it is easy to wish malice on people whose hearts are empty enough to "return" a member of their family when he was "used up" in their eyes.  That is their problem, that is Karma's problem to rectify.  We don't deal in hate, together we deal in love, we deal in 2nd chances, and making up for lost time.

Can we ask your support for a 2nd time in one weekend to bring the love for a discarded senior?  We are their lifeline, YOU are their lifeline, and the gift that ensures that their story does not end in that room at the end of the hall.  Will you help us help Hilton? 





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