COVID Containment Project Needs Your Help to Launch Pilot
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If you knew that helping me with a personal crisis, could save my life or hundreds of lives, would you give a few minutes of time and/or dollars to do it?

(We have almost reached our goal.  $1,554 is needed to reach the finish line. I need emergency housing through 1/8.  Please know even $5 helps to give me strength and courage, by showing you care.)



My name is Kim Carr. I'm a fire survivor with five years of volunteer firestorm experience. Due to my own home loss I developed a passion for improving disaster outcomes for people like myself.

Without this hardship, there is no way I would have the wisdom to do this COVID-19 containment project, using RVs.

I'm here now asking for help, because I’ve pushed as far as I can.  For the past 6 months I have worked long days creating a platform to help frontline workers keep their loved ones safe by utilizing crowdsourced RVs to self isolate after work. 

This RV is available to help protect a frontline worker family.I currently need major surgery to remove very large non-cancerous tumors pushing on my lungs. (Greater than the size of a 2 liter Coke bottle.)  Also I have smoke damage to my lungs from involvement after firestorms for past 5 years. 

Despite my challenges to stay safe and comfortable with this year's firestorms, I successfully built a platform with a team of delightful people. We are now starting our pilot launch and my personal RV will be used to examine how to improve the platform before inviting other RV owners to join this mission.

With your help, we can save hundreds of lives, including my own.


On December 1st, 2020, I must move from the vacant lot where this RV has been parked since the Campfire destroyed Paradise, in California.  I'm moving to the Bay Area to be close to my support network for surgery.  This will provide temporary housing for two weeks while I look for a local rental, as well as water tank repairs to make my RV available to a frontline worker.

During this time, I hope to find a long term rental home, so I may undergo surgery.  I tried find a rental home while still living near Paradise, but lost a prospective rental, largely because I couldn't make the trip back to the area fast enough to seal the deal.


I would be so grateful for your help to make this project the best it can be.

To participate you can help me, the founder of RVMatchMaker, by:

  1. Donate for relocation expenses for the founder of this project .   I need about help for unanticipated moving expenses and some RV repairs.  (CLICK HERE)
  2. Help locate a rental within a 15 minute radius of intersection of Highway 680 and 24 in the East Bay of California. 2 bedroom is ideal. 1 bedroom can work with storage/garage. ( CLICK HERE)
  3. Tell 5-10 friends about this project to gain visibility.

To participate in the RVMatchMaker project ( CLICK HERE)

  1. If you know a frontline worker that may need an RV or someone who might like to offer their RV, please learn more about our pilot project.
  2. Tell a potential patron, like a corporate donor or foundation about the project.   We just got 501c3 status! 
  3. Volunteer to be an RVMatchMaker Angel. Easy to do from home! Details soon.  Join our mailing list for volunteers

Your gifts of love and donations ease my aching heart so much!

Thank you for your kind presence.
Wishing you well!
~Kim Carr
Founder of RVMatchMaker.ORG and
(2 projects ~ 1 dream to increase community resiliency to disasters)
(Contribute) PS. We need many hands and hearts to support with their voice AND donations, even if only $5. It is the presence and desire to be the change we want to see rather than the dollar amount. If this was just about money, I absolutely would not be here now.

Many people want to help reduce the spread of COVID19.  You can easily be part of that solution!


Platform development and maintenance costs aside, volunteering to be an RVMatchMaker Angel is a great way to make a difference with COVID19 containment.


This can be done from the comfort and safety of your home.


This tab is reserved for that activity. 

Stay tuned.  More news soon!




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