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GS Mulindi Recreational Revitalization Project
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My daughter is living and thriving in the northern providence of beautiful Rwanda. She is a committed and hard working volunteer in the area. Her primary job is teaching English and training teachers at her school in English. Her school spans from primary to lower and upper secondary levels. The school is called G.S. Mulindi and is sweetly nestled in the luscious green mountains near the boarder of Uganda and Rwanda. The staff at her school are the hardest workers you may ever encounter and they strive to continually improve the quality of the school for the lucky students who get to attend.

School AssemblyWhy do students enjoy going to school? Because they enjoy learning. Because they are excited about the opportunities education may give them. Because their parents tell them to. But, also and most importantly in the mind of many students, they enjoy socializing with their friends and participating in sports or other extracurricular activities.


With that being said, like all school children, Rwandan school children enjoy extracurricular activities and it is a large factor that keeps them coming back to school day after day and year after year. However, unlike most schools in the United States it is difficult for schools in Rwanda to provide materials for these activities. Therefore, I would love your help to work together to raise a little bit of money in order to provide some basic recreational materials for her school in Northern Rwanda.


So what all will this plan entail? First of all, they will need some volleyballs and soccer balls to play with, not to mention the volleyball net itself. Secondly, they need an area to play. Luckily, Rwandans are not afraid of hard work and the students, with guidance of staff, will work together to expand and level the current playing ground. All materials will be bought in Rwanda in order to support the local economy and to get them for fair prices. 

current play areaNext, we want to get jerseys for their soccer team to use when the school plays other schools. The other schools in her district have their own uniforms but her school does not. So we will buy a set of uniforms for the soccer players. In order to give the students some school pride and assist with the quality of the game.

Homemade football and players

Lastly, one of the goals as an international worker is cultural exchange between Rwandan and American culture. While cultural exchange is important, it is equally as important to encourage the preservation of traditional Rwandan culture. One way we can assist with this is getting traditional dancing uniforms for the schools Culture Club. Similar to the ones seen in the photo below. This extracurricular is especially loved and important to the students and staff not only at this school, but around the country as a whole. 

Dance Team Traditional Dance UniformsWith some assistance from you, we will be able to robustly improve the recreational activities available at her school. Which will in hand improve the quality of time students spend during their educational years and ideally will lend a hand in helping retain students attendance rates.


I would also like to point out that $1 USD goes so much further in Rwanda than in the US. As an example, in Rwanda she can buy groceries for a week for about 2,500 RWF or $3 USD. Additionally, she can travel from her rural village to the capital city 2.5 hours away for 1,700 RWF or $2 USD. Therefore $5, $10, or $20 donations really will add up quickly to get us to our goal! Every dollar counts and helps immensely. Our final goal is to reach $700!


The staff at G.S. Mulindi thank you for your donation and look forward to updating you with pictures once we have achieved our goals!

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