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Empowering Greek Heroes: Capacity building for 14 non-profits in Greece
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Our Project

In response to both the economic and refugee crisis, Greek non-profit organizations (NPOs) have been called upon to address the most urgent needs of our society: poverty, health, social exclusion, unemployment. Additionally, they play a significant role in raising awareness on environmental protection and in working on animal welfare. State funding to NPOs has been reduced threatening their existence and social impact leading them to search for alternative sources of funding. However, a lot of organizations lack skills and knowledge in strategic planning and financial management making it difficult for them to seek and secure funding.

In this framework, now, more than ever, they need our support in order to operate effectively and support the most vulnerable.

We, at HIGGS, have as a mandate to help those who help!

HIGGS supports non-profit organizations operating in Greece to acquire all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge in improving their operations and designing successful funding applications through state-of-the-art tailor-made educational programs and counseling provided by our highly experienced team free of charge!

The project aims specifically at empowering 14 Non-Profit Organizations through the Incubator and Accelerator program by providing tailor-made support!

The “ Accelerator ” is a program, which lasts for 6 months, designed for small and medium-sized NPOs that require support in developing their business plan, project proposals for funding as well as in implementing projects.

The “ Incubator ” is a program, which lasts for 12 to 24 months, directed to newly established NPOs or to groups of people that have an idea for setting up a new NPO. It provides them with capacity-building support and guidance related to organizational, financial and operational issues.

Don’t forget to read our story (don’t miss our manifesto too), learn about our  vision and “meet” our fantastic team that has made HIGGS a reality.


How to support our project

Come aboard! Make a donation to our campaign, get your perks, share the news with friends and colleagues, strengthen the civil society in Greece, support the most vulnerable!

Any donation, whether it’s €10 or €1000, is a vote of confidence not only for us, but for grassroots, small and medium-size NPOs in Greece serving the less privileged in a time of need.

If you are facing any difficulties in supporting us through the FundRazr platform you can also contribute to our campaign through the following options:

A. For Greece

1) You can contribute to our project through FundRazr platform (By Credit Card or by PayPal)

2) Alternatively, you can make a deposit to the HIGGS Bank Account (see details below: Step 1 & Step 2).

Step 1: Please mention your full name and the sentence "HIGGS Crowdfunding: Empowering Heroes".
Step 2: Please also send us an email at in order to inform us about the amount of your donation and your contact details (full name, telephone number).

HIGGS Bank Account
Piraeus Bank
Bank Holder: HIGGS
Bank Account: 6737-137763-057
IBAN: GR23 0171 7370 0067 3713 7763 057

B. United States
We would be happy to offer you the opportunity for tax deductions/returns!

If you are located in the United States and would like to support us by offering more than $50 please make your check payable to the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) with a memo stating "Friends of HIGGS" and send it to the following address: KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020

Alternativelly, you have the opportunity to donate through the KBFUS donation page.

If you prefer another method of payment, please let us know by contacting us at and we will give you further instructions.

C. Europe
We would be happy to offer you the opportunity for tax deductions/returns!

If you are located at Europe and would like to support us by offering more than $50 please visit to learn how to become a donor via our international partner Transnational Giving Europe (TGE).

Here  you will find your local TGE Partner.


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