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Dialogue and Resolution's Family Mediation Subsidy Fund
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Who Are We?

Dialogue and Resolution Services is Vancouver Island's only non-profit specializing in conflict resolution. We help people change their lives with tools and services to resolve interpersonal conflict and heal, rebuild or redefine their relationships. Our team includes certified, professional mediators, coaches and counselors.

We offer mediation, coaching and counselling that transforms people's experience of conflict by looking at the whole picture.  By delving into what's most important to each party, the mediation process encourages people to work together as allies to solve the challenges in front of them. 

Family mediation may involve separation and divorce, parent-teen conflict, conflict between adult siblings about inheritance or elder care, and much more.

Families with low income can get free mediation or generous subsidies with us through our Supported Family Mediation Service (SFMS), while families with some financial means pay an affordable fee, adjusted to their income. 

Why do we do what we do? 

Because collaborative conflict resolution preserves relationships and promotes well-being and makes everybody's world better.

The high price of unresolved conflict includes health problems for all concerned. Adults may experience depression, loss of productivity, even heart attack and stroke brought on by anxiety and stress. Children living with unresolved parental conflict may develop attachment disorders, misplaced guilt (they think it's their fault), and trauma that persists into adulthood. No one should suffer unresolved conflict, or conflict resolved unfairly.

With the help of a trained mediator most people are able to reach mutually agreeable solutions to their differences and move forward with their lives. Mediated agreements are long lasting because they are created by and for the people involved. They cost a lot less-- both financially and emotionally-- than going to court.

Our work builds our community with improved relationships and healthy connections-- one family at a time


How can you help?


Your generosity will build up our subsidy fund so that more low income families can access the services they need. The subsidy fund needs $15,000 per year to provide free mediation to 20 families.


A gift of $600 will pay for one family mediation. $100 buys one hour of mediation, coaching or counselling for a family. Your support of $25 allows one person to attend communication training for 3 hours. 



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