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 I am Gabriella Bus. I live in Cyprus 14 years. 14 long years I rescue cats. Streets of Cyprus are full with cats and their life is hard, short and full with suffering.

 I work in a small flower shop next to a cemetery in Ayios Athanasios, Limassol. The cemetery is a favorite dumping place for unwanted cats. Currently I look after about 35 - 50 cats daily, just there. It is heartbreaking. I deal with many newly dumped cats and unfortunately with many death. They get killed on the road, get poisoned, die from virus brake out or even get bitten up, because they go in the cemetery. In the 14 years I cried more, than in all my life. I love all of the cats there, I am worried for all of them. Most of them already sterelized, they get worm and flea treatment, if it is possible and antibiotic, when they need. And of course food, two times a day and they always have fresh water. But I can not protect them from people! 

 We used to rent a land, where I had a small shelter, but the landlord put us out a year ago. The cats, about 25 became homeless. They are in the same neighborhood, I still provide them with food, water and medicine, but they lost their home and they are not happy. :( And they are disappearing one by one. Today I counted only 15. I do not know if they go, or snakes kill them or people hurts them. :( I am so worried for them. 

 I have cats home, too. I am afraid to count how many. :) When somebody gets very sick, like Hope or hit by car, like Wayne I bring them home to treat them. The original plan is always: bring them home, treat them and return them. With the first two I am good. But returning them to the street? That is hard. With many I sleep on the floor to comfort them, or to be able to wake up, when they cry and need something, spend all my free time cleaning them, medicating them, going to the vet with them. And after that I just can not return them to the street, where they can not survive long.

 I have now 5 kitties, too. Two my husband found, one my friend, one got abandoned at the cemetery and one we rescued from a car engine. 

 I have a special need cat, too, Angelica,  who was very sick, nearly died and stayed with little brain damage. She can not jump and never uses the litter.  But I love her and I am glad, I could save her.

 My dream and the reason why I made this fundraiser is to buy a land, where I can make a shelter for them. A proper shelter. Where all the cats, who I look after can be happy.  Where people can visit them and hopefully adopt them, so I can save more. There are so many cats on the street who need help. We tried to rent land, but it is nearly impossoble. Most of the landlords does  not want cats on their land. I have no any savings or property to sale, 14 years my salary is going to the cats, so I can count only on donation. The money will be used to buy a piece of land, built a shelter and only for that!

 I will post updates about the cats, so you can see them and know them and of course update about the searching of the land. 

Thank you!

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