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Hi everybody,


My name is Princess Fabdiculous.  I'm a blind cat.  I'm telling you my story because the rescue humans keep talking about capacity & budgets stopping rescues, the bigger the building, the more room for new rescues, but the humans can't afford it alone.  They say you can help. I hope you can because my friends are out there sick, hurting, alone, & scared.


My family was living in a house with too many other cats.  About 30.  It was very dirty & we were very sick.  The humans couldn't afford to feed us.  I was about 4 months old & mom just had more babies.  None of us could breathe well.  My brother & sister's eyes were crusted shut.  Mine had grown shut from having the infection for too long.  


Those humans contacted Animal Nature Sanctuary for help.  At first, we were really scared!  A lady came & put us in a big cage, but at least we were together, so we cuddled in a corner around the little ones.   


We were given a room to ourselves & the lady slept on the floor by our food & water to make sure we stayed alive.  Every 2 hours she helped feed the babies to give mom rest.  We had to take gross medicine.  We hated that.  The baths were worse.


As the lady was giving us medicine, she started to name us.  Mom is Lady Mommiline.  My litter sister, Zcarina.  My litter brother was named Allen D'Grey-cat.  I became Princess Fabdiculous.  The new babies: Siren, Slinky, & Love-Fluffin.  Some of us weren't getting better though.  


Soon Siren's eyes were crusted over too & so swollen with the infection he cried & cried.  The lady washed his face gently for a long time with a warm wet cloth.  When his eyes did open, he got a nick-name, stay- pussed because it looked like moldy marshmallow melting out of his eyes.  The lady rubbed & rubbed softly until nothing else came out & gave him more medicine.  Zcarina had green slime pouring out of her eyes so the lady cleaned her too, but then she saw something.  The lady pulled out a sharp grass seed from the corner of Zcarina's eye closest to the nose.  Both started getting better fast.


Zcarina's eyes leak all the time, but she can see just fine.  Siren made a full recovery, so did the other little kittens.  Mommiline gained weight & is up to 6 pounds.  Allen's left eye was too damaged already & couldn't be saved.  He is partially blind.   But we are safe & very happy!


Staying at the first house would have meant death.  Other shelters might have killed us because we were so sick & contagious & disabled.  Animal Nature Sanctuary took us in, saved us.  They never gave up.


Other animals get rescued from places.  Some just wander in by themselves asking for help.  


When we are at a new location maybe you will come in someday & meet the rest of Team Fabdiculous like Grunters Von Doorstop or Beefcake McMeep.  I'll let you talk to humans now.  


We work as hard as we can to save as many as we can.

Animal Nature Sanctuary, an all species no-kill 501c3 animal rescue serving Spokane County, is trying to fill the gaps in current rescue efforts.  Staff is 100% volunteer so 100% of donations go toward animals in need.  Your generosity will afford more food, supplies, and a bigger location so more animals will receive care & we can expand our programs/services.


Location Expenses - $3,055/m $36,660/y  A location like this will allow us to help at least 3x's as many animals each year.

Rent - $1,500

Food & supplies $805

Business & board member insurance $100

Internet access $150

Heat & power $250

Water, sewer, garbage $250


Additional Expenses - $3,458/m $41,500/y

Vet care & medicines $30,000 - Spay/neuter, shots, fleas, worms, injuries

Lawyer retainer $2,500 - for contracts, aid in sponsorships, etc

CPA bookkeeping & tax prep $2,500

Furnishings/catification $1,500 - catification is the designing of cat-friendly areas from floor to ceiling  & we need a couple desks too

Pet transportation to rescue & enclosures $5,000 - kennels, carriers, dog houses, blankets, & such


Our area has suffered horrible atrocities in the last few years - serial animal killers, higher incidents of hoarding and abuse. The fewer at-risk animals are out on the street the better!


Please help us to help them! 


We need a new location.  As new rescues come in their food, medical care, & supplies will add up.  


Executive Summary

Animal Nature Sanctuary, an all species no-kill 501c3 animal rescue serving Spokane County, Washington, fills the gaps in current rescue efforts. Our mission is to save as many animals as possible through direct action, community support, advocacy, and education. ANS is now open for business in the startup stage, ready to progress to a prominent leader in nonprofit efforts. We will accomplish this with your help and participation in our fundraising.


Mission Statement

To Save as Many as Possible  By focusing on Education, Advocacy, Direct Action, and Support to individuals, communities, and other organizations in Spokane County, Animal Nature Sanctuary is made to adapt to our community’s needs. The influence of the combined labors of Animal Nature Sanctuary will be enjoyed by this and future generations!



Animal Nature Sanctuary’s mission is complete when there is:

A safe place for every animal

Health & Behavior Issues of every shelter animal is resolved so they are easy to place in furever homes

No rehoming to questionable homes due to poverty or temporary circumstances like deployment

Abusers in prison (cages) & animals in homes

All species protected & cared for

The needs of Spokane addressed, if not solved

All pressure taken off other shelters for best adoptions & animal care practices


Animal Nature Sanctuary's Goals 

As a rescue, the basic services of taking in animals and adopting them to new families is implied, however, Animal Nature Sanctuary plans to offer far more than the average shelter once fully funded. 

  • Largest rescue facility in Washington State
  • Largest cage-free rescue in Washington State
  • Animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption services
  • No kill pet rescue services
  • Wildlife rehabilitation center
  • Participates in the “Don’t let it loose” government program for exotic animal rescue

Animal Education Center and Information Hub

  • 24/7 veterinary clinic
  • Animal reference library
  • Classes, seminars, workshops
  • Grief/loss support
  • Scholarships, internships, sponsorships
  • Pawsitive Purrvention Internet Broadcasting
  • Hero Alliance – no-kill alternative to 4H
  • Cahoots Club for adults


  • Deployment fostering and PTSD training
  • Homeless, Domestic Violence, Disadvantaged Youth, Elderly and Disabled aid
  • Pet Hospice
  • Pet food and supply bank
  • Possible incarceration programs


  • Pawsitive FurWheelers pet mobility device build-off
  • Critter Con: Life Unleashed Comic Con spoof event

Thank you ever so kindly from Animal Nature Sanctuary Staff & Critters!  

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