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Dear Agee Family Committee and members,

(Please read all of the following information and turn your phone horizontal so the wording will show properly .)

Due to the recent COVID-19 world pandemic, and for the safety of our beloved family members, a quorum of the Grand Agee Family Reunion Committee has made the following date adjustments. Instead of having the family reunion August 6-9, 2020, we have pushed the date out to August 5-8, 2021

(At this time we are asking each Agee committee and family member that can and will, to help with pre-expenses with a recurring donation of $11 per month for at least 5 months for the support  of our Agee Family Reunion account at Wells Fargo  and other Family reunion pre-expenses. The booking fee for the event center is $300. We have paid for the event center from pre-expense money  in our Agee Family Reunion account at Wells Fargo Bank. The committee is asking for your  help now. 10% has been added to each donation amount for the online transaction fee  “ on this platform only”. After clicking on the contribution button, you should see and click on the $11 amount and set it to the recurring  button for pre- expense funding. It will automatically charge you the$11 for 5 months.


You may also start paying your money for your 2021 Agee Family reunion fee. You should also see the $165 for the “up to four person family unit rate” and $192.50 for the up to five family unit rate “on this pay platform only”. There are other payment options below.)  You can make your monthly contribution automatically recurring  within this “Grand  Agee Family Reunion Pre-Expense Fund”. This Agee family Pre-expense fund notification will be sent every month by text, email and our family page in Facebook to remind you. Funds will automatically be deposited to the Agee Family Reunion Account in Wells Fargo Bank for August 5, 2021.


If you will help and contribute monthly For 5 months starting in April 2020,that would really help kick start our 2021 Grand Agee Family Reunion . Agee Family Reunion Event forms will be sent out by email in April of 2020. ($11) a month is a very small amount but it will help if we are diligent with our donations. Please do not count your $11per month as your General Agee Family Reunion Fee.( Please earmark/ memo all moneys sent online and or by mail.) in other words label or type the appropriate area what your payment is for. (After August of 2020, the recurring $11 for 5 months will be reset to receive $11 contributions on a continuous basis if you so desire).


The General Agee Family Reunion Fee is:

                                                                   Family Rate: $150.00 (Up to four family unit members)

                                                              = ( $165 on this pay platform only) *Other pay options below*

                                                                   Family Rate: $175.00 (Five or more family unit members)

                                                            =($192.50 on this pay platform only) *Other pay options below* 


The purposes of the ($11) monthly pre-expense funds are as follows:

1. To help prepay Agee Family Reunion expenses and security deposits such as banquet hall rentals /decorations, catering, tour bus rentals, family T-shirt purchases and activity fees.

2. To help prepay the cost of Agee family mailing pieces to family members who may not use email provider services.

3. To assist a contributing Agee Family member “unit” that might not be able to afford lodging or travel expenses to the up and coming family reunion.

4. To send an agreed upon amount approved by the Agee Family Committee, to an immediate Agee Family unit in bereavement after the demise of their/and our beloved one.

Payment Information: You have three (3) choices of payment for the Agee Family Reunion

  1.  You can submit your payment using your debit or credit card here or through the Agee Family Reunion 2020 FundRazr link found in the “Grand Agee Family Network” page on Facebook. If you submit your payment on the Grand  Agee Family Reunion 2020 FundRazr, please notice ( the 10% to your total cost for internet transaction fee has been added, because we pay a 5% service fee and 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.  ( Example: If you are contributing $10.00 for yourself or your family unit, $1has been added for transaction fee.)Once you submit your payment online, your name, email, mailing address and phone number will be collected by the FundRazr app. A “Grand Agee Family Reunion 2020 event information form” will be emailed to you in the month of April 2019. Open your email print your event information form, fill in your information and mail the form asap to Agee Family Reunion,C/O Veronica Agee-Williams, 6405 Zeigler Blvd, Mobile, Alabama 36608-3529. Your family rate, (see rates above) Agee Family Reunion payment needs to be completed by June 30, 2021

2.) You may also make your payment(s) to the Agee Family Reunion  and pre-expense fund by the “Cash App” by using our Cash App code in the Cash App on your phone "$AgeeFamilyReunion"  or just click the following link:

 $AgeeFamilyReunion. Your address and reason for payment will be needed in the “for” section of the Cash App. If you would like to save money for our Agee Family Reunion or anything else, we are offering the "" App. To start saving money a little at the time, simply click the following link: Save Money for Agee Family Reunion 2020 and beyond.


3.) If you want you can mail your payment United States Postal Service; an “Agee Family Reunion 2021” event form will be sent by email through or call Darryl A Johnson at 205-540-7507. Once the form is emailed or mailed to you, print the form from the email, fill it out and return with your check or money order to: Agee Family Reunion, C/O Veronica Agee-Williams, 6405 Zeigler Blvd, Mobile, Alabama 36608-3529.

Please make checks or money orders payable to Agee Family Reunion. Your Agee Family Reunion payment needs to be complete by June 30, 2021.

 With much Love,
Agee Family Reunion Committee and;

Darryl A Johnson (Chair)                                          Karen Lynn Mayo (Vice Chair)

Great Grandson of the late Tom Agee,            Great Granddaughter of the late Tom Agee

Grandson of the late Carrie Lou Agee,             Granddaughter of the late Carrie Lou Agee

Son of the late Asaline Agee Johnson               Daughter of the late Carrie Agee Knight

 205-540-7507 Birmingham, AL                          323-240-1056 Los Angeles, CA


Veronica Agee-Williams (Financial Secretary)       Andrea Kiel (Director of Agee Talent /Entertainment)

Great Granddaughter of the late Tom Agee         Great Granddaughter of the late Tom Agee 

Granddaughter of the late Carrie Lou Agee          Granddaughter of the late Carrie Lou Agee

Daughter of Joe Agee Jr.                                             Daughter of Virgie Agee Greene

251-786-1189 Mobile, AL                                            404-513-0183 Atlanta, GA


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