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The Elephant Cafe Herd- Please help us with a 100 days of Care
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The Elephant Cafe' in Livingstone, Zambia cares for a unique herd of African elephants. Our elephants were rescued from droughts, floods and culling operations in the 1960's. 

Our herd have been under human care their whole lives, their home is in the heart of the Mosi-oa Tunya National park on the banks of the Zambezi River.

Covid-19 has ravaged our tourism industry; and The Elephant Café’ which provides for our Elephants is closed.

Like the rest of the world, we don’t know when it will be able to open again and we need your help.

Thankfully, the drought broke this year, but despite the good rains in our area our Elephants still need lucerne and sweet grass mix to supplement what they forage in the National Park.

We also need to pay our Elephant caretakers. They have all volunteered to stay, away from their families and take care of the herd during these uncertain times.

Our herd is constantly monitored even when wild grazing during the day. Wild solitary bulls will often challenge our herd bulls with catastrophic consequences if they begin to fight.

Without The Elephant Cafe' operating and visiting guests, we can't pay for any of this and the situation is desperate. 

We have partnered with Wild@life E.v who have undertaken to pay our feed suppliers, transport of feed, our caretaker team and veterinary bills until things improve.

Time is of the essence and we are looking to find sponsorship for a 100 days of care for our Elephant herd.

Each Elephant will eat 3 bags of 8-10kg Lucerne mix a night. Come the dry months when the park begins to dry out this increases to four bags each.


30 dollars gets enough Lucerne for the whole herd for one day.

60 dollars gets enough Lucerne for the herd for two days.

90 dollars gets enough Lucerne for the herd for three days.

180 dollars gets enough Lucerne for the herd for Six days.

240 dollars pays for the complete herd and their handlers for one day.

Over the years our rescued herd has met thousands of special guests, we know that many of the people who have come through have special memories and relationships with these amazing Elephants. 

From all of us Twalumba Kapati for your donations. 



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$30 USD
Feed our herd for 1 day
Social Media shout out for for your donation. With a tagged picture of our Elephant Herd you are feeding.
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$60 USD
Feed our herd for 2 days
Social Media Shout out, with our truckload of lucerne as we use it, from all of our crew. Yes, your donation paid for a truckload of Lucerne :).
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$90 USD
Feed our herd for 3 days
Thank you social Media shout out, with our herd and our caretakers, your donation paid for 3 days of Lucerne.
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$180 USD
Feed our herd for 6 days
Twalumba Kapati! Social media shout out and video of your donation in action, 6 days of food, three loaded trucks! Tagged on social media.
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$240 USD
The Matriarch Donation
Social Media Shout outs and video thank yous from our handlers and our herd. You are the matriarch of the herd for the day! Taking care of everybody!
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