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HELPZombie! Halloween Kitty Needs Surgery!
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The past couple months we have noticed my black kitty-cat named Zombie (Brain-eater), has something strange growing on one of her toes. :(

Today we took her to the hospital and found out that this tumor will require surgical removal of the affected area including part of one of her toes. I am currently unemployed and used the last of my money today, to get her to the appointment. The appointment itself, along with required shots and blood work ended up costing me about $260. This has not only thrown my budget for a loop, but there is more. The minor amputation of the tumor and toe will end up costing me about $500 to $600 dollars, according to a ball park estimate given to me by the Veternarian.

At a loss for ideas on where to come up with this type of money, I am turning to my friends, family and fellow cat lover in hope that some kind souls are willing to help me and my family out.

The surgery was estimated at $500-$600 dollars so I'm assuming the cost of recovery care and medications may end up running another $100.

I am asking for donations to help me raise $700 to cover the expenses related to Zombie's surgery! I do have other options running outside of this campaign so if the amount needed changes, I will update the goal on here to properly reflect it!

The vet has requested that I get this surgery done as soon as possible, just in case the tumor is malignant. This is in order to prevent the spread of cancerous tissue (if it turns out to be malignant) or a serious infection were she to get injured while walking around the house with this growth on her foot.

Cancer or not, the tumor MUST be removed for my kitties health! So you see why this is important.

I know a lot of you have met Zombie and know that she is a sweet heart! We hate to see her in pain!

Given the holiday season, I find it ironic that my Halloween kitty is in need at this time of year. Please help a Zombie kitty out! She really needs this surgery! Without it, the outlook could be grim. I don't even want to think about it. I am begging anyone who has the means, to help out and donate to our cause. It doesn't matter how much you give, any little bit will help! The way I see it, if I can convince 500 people to donate ONE DOLLAR!, I will have enough to at least get the surgery done! All that will be left will be post-surgery medications and recovery expenses.

Consider it a Birthday present to both Zombie and Myself. We were both born in October! My birthday is October 27th and since I do not know Zombie's actual DATE of birth, I decided when I got her that we will celebrate her birthday on the 31st! Halloween. :3

She will get her health, and I will get my kitty healthy!

Maybe this could be our GOAL to raise the money!

Let's make it our goal to gather the funds BY Zombie's birthday!

AKA October 31st.

(The campaign will continue even if we do not reach this date, but it is always a good idea to have a goal in mind ^_^)

Consider it a gift! The gift of HEALTH and LIFE.

So, PLEASE, will you help my kitty? :(

If this works out, I will keep her progress updated along the entire journey. I will be posting videos and capturing everything I can once our goal is met and she is ready to go into surgery. I will even post recovery pics/videos! For additional proof, I will publish the Vet's bill, after everything is taken care of in order to prove that all money's donated was used for the proper cause!

I vow that if there is anything left over, it will only be use to help Zombie or make sure that it is DONATED to another kitty in need on the internet that needs help just like we do!

ALSO! If you donate, and would like a gift, we will send you a picture of Zombie after her surgery, with a personalized THANK YOU! (Aka, Zombie paw print) Just make sure to include your address somehow, so we know you want one and can send it to you. :3

Thank you for everything, friends and family, fellow cat-lovers!

I hope the power of the INTERNET, CATS and HALLOWEEN will prevail!

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