Hamlet Lost His Leg in a Horrible Situation
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We are always told that the universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle. The universe must have extreme faith in us as it isn’t giving us a chance to catch our breath. 

Meet Hamlet. Hamlet was rescued from a "neighborhood stray dog" situation in Miami where he supposely injured his leg in a crate and it was later amputated by a vet.  We are having a hard time fully accepting this story as in 10 years we have never seen a situation where a leg can be injured to the point of amputation from a crate.  Additionally Hamlet's leg is not in a condition that any vet would leave it as  where the leg was supposely amputated is not where you amputate a leg and thus, Hamet occasionally tries to use it leaving his little stump sore and angry.

Regardless of what Hamlet's story or medical treatment was, those days are behind him as today he is safe and being cared for at Dr. Brcue's Animal Hospital before being transferred to Dr. Huges at Pet Medical Center of Boca to have his leg amputated correctly.

It is truly your generosity that has kept us going these few months and we hope with everything that we have that there is a pause somehwere in the road ahead for all of us to recover and catch our breath.  Until then, we are back again to ask your support for Hamlet to cover the care for his amputation so that he can go on to have the chance at a life, home, and family he deserves and our war chest can be ready to help the next little one we know is out there right now and will need us soon.




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