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Please help us fight FIP! Now we are 2 brothers in pain... We want to live!
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UPDATE 4th of January 2020

We are terrible sad to tell you that one of my rescued sister has dry FIP... My mom couldn't believed it... She made so many test but in the end it's FIP...

Her name is Akali and she was borned in a cold winter, some terrible people abandoned her mother just when she was in labour... Thankfully her mom was rescued, than part of her siblings got adopted. Some terrible people said about her that they will never adopt a black cat, it brings bad luck!!! What an idea! Who can believe that?!

Akali is a sweet, smart, playful girl, she is my sister and we loved to play and chase each other with our other rescued brothers. But I got sick. And now she followed me on this painful path...

I am on my 43 day of treatment and feeling so much better. Thanks to all of you I have almost all the treatment, but now I will share what I have with my sister, I can't let her dye!

I have two wishes this New Year: for FIP to disappear forever and for Akali to get better!

We can make the second wish came true. But I need again all your help! I need you to save my sister! My mom will pay the vet costs, but we need the treatment. A bottle is  75 euro + shipping + custom taxes. The treatment is 84 days. So she will need 15 bottles. You can find more details about the treatment on Facebook group FIP WORRIORS. 

Every little help for my sister means life! Please help me save Akali!

Thank you all for your huge help! I am sending you all my love!

Yours truly, Gram



My name is Gram, I have FIP (Feline Infectious peritonitis), the wet form. If I don't receive treatment now I will unfortunately die! Oh, and how I love to live

My rescuers Lus and Dragoș found me in a cemetery with my 2 siblings when we were just 14 days old. I struggled to live, I am a fighter! But now this FIP is literally killing me! I am strong, but not strong enough... I am just flesh and bones and the classic treatment is not helping me... This year my parents lost 2 of the 48 rescued cats. We are 46 left... 

I need Shire treatment. It's really expensive. It's approx 75 euro/bottle + shipping taxes, that will now last me for 5 days. As I will gain weight for less. I need 85 days of treatment! You can find more info and cats that healed with this treatment on Facebook group FIP Worriors. 

I will need 1400 euro only for the treatment, with shipping costs and vet costs I will need 2000 euro. And this money I can't raise without your help!

I was so close to death so many times in my life, my rescuers parents did the best they could to help me but this is out of their power... I have 45 rescued brothers and sisters cats and 30 rescued dog brothers. Our parents care for us, give us food and basic vet treatment from their salaries and with friends help, but this is huge! I need all your help to live!

Please share my story! I have one more life left. I don't want to lose it! Please help me be a winner in this horror fight and share my story!

Love, Gram 


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