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Kalaan Atman Peace & Dignity Journey 2016
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The Mission: Peace & Dignity Journey

I am a part of Team Jamaica "Run Taino Run," the first Jamaican addition to the Peace & Dignity Journey, an intercontinental, indigenous, ceremonial run held every four years. The Focus for this year's run is to Pray

The Mission: Peace & Dignity Journey

I am a part of Team Jamaica "Run Taino Run," the first Jamaican addition to the Peace & Dignity Journey, an intercontinental, indigenous, ceremonial run held every four years. The Focus for this year's run is to Pray for "SEEDS," with the final gathering fulfilling an ancient prophecy describing the union of the indigenous people of the Eagle (North) with the indigenous people of the Condor (South) and all of the native communities between hemispheres.

Participating runners are from various native and non native, communities and carry sacred staffs along the route. These staffs represent the prayers of their communities, and the run helps native people reconnect to the traditional ways and their ancestral teachings. It also is an opportunity to share the wisdom of their ways with all involved in the healing of mother earth and all life.

The run is divided by regions, with all the runners moving toward a central merging point. The regions are as follows: Northern Region - represented by the Eagle; starts in Alaska and runs South.
Southern Region - represented by the Condor; starts in Tierra del Fuego and runs North.
Caribbean Region - represented by the Hawk; merges with the northern and southern regions after their local routes.

I will, along with two members of Sankofie Shrine, represent Jamaica and our prayers, humbly accepting the call of our Taino Ancestors to bring knowledge and honor to them who have been forgotten, to heal the social and political issues of our land from a spiritual level.

In July 2016, we will run about 1000 miles of the North Atlantic East Coast from NY to GA, uniting with the main route in TX then continue on to Panama (total of 5000 miles).

The funds I am seeking will take care of my responsibilities in Jamaica and traveling expenses for the journey at hand. I gratefully sacrifice 4 months and 18 days toward this cause away from my family to carry the prayers of our nation's ancestors and all who call Jamaica home first, extending to all of PachaMama / Atabey (Mother Earth).


There is no corporate funding involved, this mission depends on heart offerings from like-minded souls who have a vision of a better Jamaica, fulfilling our national pledge and belief in the power of prayer and intention.

Jamaica National Pledge
Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and the vigour of my body in service of my fellow citizens; I promise to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, to work diligently and creatively, to think generously and honestly, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

Who Am I
I was born Robert Pairman August 9, 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica. I was always intuitive and artistic. These traits lead me to perceive contemporary life from a different perspective and contributed to introspection on accepted norms. In high school I would often imagine what these Maroons that I read about in books lived like, and whether or not there were Arawak descendants among them... I saw life from the heart.

My Purpose
During the year 2012, when we were surrounded by messages of impending doom and apocalypse, the internet filled with conspiracy theories, I felt a change was coming- an unveiling. An opportunity would present itself to make things right with the world, a solution. It was during this year that I was initiated into the Andean healing traditions of the Qero people, descendants of the Inca, and received the name Kalaan Atman.

What captivated me was their prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. The Eagle of the North represents the indigenous people of the global north, masculine energy that creates, discovers, analyses and invents. The indigenous people of the global south are symbolized by the Condor, a more feminine and soft energy, connected with the earth, artistic, musical, and creative.

It is said that every 500 hundred years there is a pachakuti- a term taken from the Quechua “pacha,” meaning time and space or the world, and “kuti,” meaning upheaval or revolution. The last great pachakuti was during the Spanish conquest; during this time the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South were separated. The prophecy that saw the coming of Columbus has also spoken toward the next 500 years, started in 2012, which is ushering in a time of peace, balance and harmony. The Eagle and the Condor shall fly together bringing unity consciousness.

Our Destiny
Since 2012 I have been initiated in indigenous tradition, and through my practices have sought to be a bridge between the North and the South, merging contemporary society with forgotten ancestral teachings, healing trauma from a soul level.

I was overwhelmed with joy when it came to my attention that Jamaicans were asked to be part of the 2016 Peace & Dignity Journey to represent our Taino Ancestors. First, the joy to know that I can honor the indigenous people of this land by partaking in this event, and second, the opportunity to bring fulfillment of the Andean prophecy by connecting in prayer with other indigenous people. It is simply amazing.

May Great Spirit continue to bless you and all of yours for your kind offering and contribution towards the prayers for the ancestors of my Island Home, and for Mother Earth.
Seneko Kakona ( Taino -Many blessings)
Hahom (Taino - thank you)
Hina Kachun! (Quechua - May it be so for you/Amen)


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