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Who We Are: 

Mastering Knighthood is a volunteer based leadership organization designed to lead and mentor boys between the ages of 8 and 19 to rise up and become the heroes of today. This is done through an annual two day Mastering Knighthood Summit program which offers training in leadership, public virtue, and service. Our curriculum is based in Scripture, The Classics, and Live Action Simulation. The summit attendees are called young knights and their youth leaders hold positions such as page, squire, and the highly coveted role of master knight.

The Mastering Knighthood Mission:

1 – To provide a Hero experience for boys (young knights) ages 8-12 through a two day summit program.

2 – To train and inspire youth leaders ages 13-19 to be heroes, as they in turn learn to mentor the young knights at future summit events.

3 – To be a positive, safe, Christ-centered community and a valuable educational resources to the families that participate in our programs.

Our History:

Mastering Knighthood began in 2005 under the name Knights of Freedom Summit. From its beginnings, co-founders Richard and Emily Clawson have been involved in planning and running the yearly two day summit event including all of the necessary training events leading up to the actual event.

The first Knights Summit event in 2005 hosted 35 young knights and only 6 youth leaders. The second year saw an increase to 60 young knights and approximately 12 youth leaders. Through continued growth and an increase in popularity, 2015 Mastering Knighthood Summit year will host 245 young knights and 110 youth leaders.

In 2007 the Clawsons assumed full responsibility for the Knights of Freedom Summit organization as it grew and evolved into the current Mastering Knighthood Summit program. This was a logical and natural transition as Richard and Emily have served as the King and Queen of Summit from the beginning as well as overseeing the bulk of organizing the young knight attendees, youth leaders, and at least 300 adult volunteers who attend the two day summit each year. Adult volunteers are generally parents of summit attendees and or parents of youth leaders and also play key roles in the educational and live action experiences of the summit event.

Our Needs:

Historically funding for all summit event costs have been covered by attendee registration fees. This has included the training costs of all Youth Leaders. We have structured this way in order to preserve the valuable feeling of being a volunteer-led organization. Our youth programs have become so popular, however, that we are now in greater need to build our resources and make this program accessible to more amazing youth.

Mastering Knighthood Summit has experienced significant growth each year since its inception in 2005. This has been a tremendous blessing to our organization and to all who are involved in our annual summit events, although growth has not come without challenges. As the demand for what we offer as an organization, both for the youth and for the young boys, has increased, so has the size of our organization, our summit events, and subsequently our financial needs.

Our two greatest areas of financial need currently are Location and Equipment.

Previously our summit events have been held at a large public park on the East side of Salt Lake City, which for years felt as though it was built specifically for our needs. Unfortunately we have grown beyond what this location can reasonably provide for us as an organization. Alternatively we have chosen to relocate our event to the American Fork Amphitheater.

(To See More Photos - Click Here)

This is a beautiful location located next to the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple in American Fork Utah. This is a privately owned location that will allow us to resolve issues with parking and other issues that come with using a public space. As an organization we feel very strongly that this is where we are supposed to be for the foreseeable future.

The costs associated with these changes are as follows:      

  1. $2,400 = Park Permit and Usage Fee.
  2. $350 = City Permit Fees.
  3. $1,250 = Equipment, First Aid, Porta-potties.

Our goal is to raise at least $4,000 over the next 30 days to secure the necessary use dates for the park and to insure all necessary details are in place well in advance of our annual summit event in September of 2015. This will allow us to move forward with the necessary trainings to conduct this year’s summit event. In addition, this will help keep our programs affordable for those families that most need what we have to offer. Additional financial plans are beginning to roll out but they will not be able to bear fruit before this year’s Summit. This leaves us in a bit of a bind.

What Parents Are Saying about their Young Knights Experiences:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort put into summit. My son, Gibson, went for the first time. He is not very confident in himself and he came out of those two days changed. He won the award in his camp given by his master knight, Xander, and he has worn it everyday. He says he wants to be like Xander when he gets older. He met King Richard and now tells everyone he sees that he met a King! There hasn't been a day since summit that he hasn't talked about it. Thank you for putting on an event that gives our sons confidence and courage. It areally was a life changer for my sweet son. I can't wait for next year!"

Youth Volunteer’s Experience:

“There is a feeling at Summit that I’ve never found anywhere else. I guess it’s because we are totally united in doing something to change the world. I know that I will always be accepted there, that it’s a safe, clean environment, and that I’m making a real difference in the world.”

How You Can Make A Difference:

Our long-term goal is to continue building an organization and resources that withstand the test of time. In order to keep attendance affordable and to continue meeting the needs of the families we serve, we are reaching out to members of the public who can see the value of what we offer.

Supporting our cause is easy. Simply donate any dollar amount that is appropriate for your budget. The best part is, you can know that you are taking part in a special mission to restore honor to society.

To discover more about Mastering Knighthood Summit and to experience why donating to our cause may feel right for you, please visit our Mastering Knighthood home by clicking HERE.

Because, with your help, we can succeed in our mission to Change the World – One Hero At A Time.

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$75 USD
Into Tere Libre (Mastering Knighthood) - Book
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Donors of $75.00 or more will receive a paper back copy of Into Tera Libre (Mastering Knighthood) by Emily G. Clawson. The story of a boy named Max whose life is changed when he is trained by Master Knight Sir. William in the virtues of Knighthood.
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$150 USD
Book and Royal Seating for Final Battle
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Donors of $150.00 or more will receive a copy of the book Into Tere Libre (Mastering Knighthood) by Emily G. Clawson, as well as Royal Seating overlooking the battle field for the Summit Final Battle. This includes shaded canopy seating, Royal treatment from some of our youth leaders, and Royal refreshments such as cold water and snack items.
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$500 USD
Book Royal Seating and Signed Master Knight Sword
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Donors of $500.00 or more will receive a copy of the book Into Tere Libre (Mastering Knighthood) by Emily G. Clawson, as well as Royal Seating overlooking the battle field for the Summit Final Battle. This includes shaded canopy seating, Royal treatment from some of our youth leaders, and Royal refreshments such as cold water and snack items.
You will also receive a foam Master Kinght sword in the Queen's Color identical to the swords used by the master knights in training and battle) signed by each 2015 Summit Master Knight and a favor ribbon representing the color of each of the master knights camps. You'll be the envy of every young knight in attendance.
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