Help Save 3 Doxies From a Slaughterhouse in China
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We know the dog meat trade goes on in China and we can't even allow ourselves to think about it.  It is other dogs, "they" are all way over there and there is no way to help on the front lines. 

Until we see it, in video, right in front of our eyes.  Three dachshunds in a cage with other dogs who are steps away from a Chinese slaughterhouse.

They need us. There is someone on the front lines who bought their safety and now those people need us too. 

It has just become possible again for dogs to fly out of China and these three doxies need someone to sponsor them to get them the hell out of there to safety and to free up three spaces so that these same front line rescue angels can save 3 more lives.

Will we help?  Yes.

The cost to get each one medically cleared for flight and travel from China to the US - $3,000 each.   

They tentatively asked if there any conceivable way we could take all three? 

For 10 years we have chosen to do the right thing over the safe thing and for 10 years our community has stood with us to make it possible for us to be the people of doing the right thing. 

To us, $9,000 to buy three doxies out of the Chinese dog meat trade is the right thing.  To some people it would be the crazy thing, or the insane thing, or the you are stark raving mad to take that gamble thing.  

There are three little doxies in China who hope you agree that it is the right thing and will stand with us to make their trip possible.  All it takes is $1 to earn bragging rights that you literally saved a life in China.  If 9,000 of our community feel that way, we can fund these three and be ready for whoever is right around the corner and will need our love soon....Will you help us do the right thing for them? 




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