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William with the first Altar being built in Montgomery, AL

The Altar represents a place of death to self. Denial. Sacrifice. Surrender. When Elijah appealed to the children of Israel on Mt. Carmel, he actually "repaired" the altar of the Lord that had been broken down. It was on this altar that he called down fire and God answered in great power!

1 Kings 18:30 KJV
And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him. And he repaired the altar of the LORD that was broken down.

The Church in America needs to take heed to this story. I fear we have turned to Baal and have forsaken seeking God with all our hearts. Baalism represented one thing: THE FLESH. It actually provided temple prostitutes and not permitted the fornication, but required it. God has commissioned me to take this altar throughout America for whosoever will to return to Him with their hearts. 

My name is William Owens. I am an author of 15 books, a poet of over 800 works, and a traveling evangelist sharing the unapologetic gospel of Jesus Christ. When I visited Forney, TX, recently, I was parked at a church for nearly six months during the COVID19 shutdown. While there, I would spend time inside at the Altar. The last night at the Altar, before I left Forney, God spoke to my heart to bring the Altar to the people. He impressed upon me that it would be a visible opportunity for people to make peace with Him before His soon return.

Please take a few minutes to read what God has given me, and for your support of at least $12 to build altars and travel, I will send you one of my works to say thank you. As Christians, we must act with boldness and step outside the church structure to bring the healing that only God can provide that our nation. We are in desperate need of His intervention during this troubled time.


America's Altar Poem


America in Turmoil

America is in turmoil and must have a miraculous intervention. It cannot come from man-made ideas that are rooted in political ideologies or deep-seated traditions that only serve to control the mind and the will of the people. It must be a "God touch" of the individual heart. Unless the heart is changed, there is no change, and only God can impart the supernatural power that gives inner peace into each heart no matter the pain, the reason, or the depth of evil that has caused a disparity that tears a nation apart. America, itself, cannot fix the deep divide, injustices, and political confusion that rampage our communities. It has attempted countless efforts that are nothing more than variations of the same thing.


Returning to God

After spending time at the Altar in the church over a few days, the Lord spoke to me and said, 'take the altar outside the church throughout America for people to come and talk to me".

America's Altar is not to be a public "Revival" in the way we have come to understand it. Instead, it is an opportunity for the individual heart to deeply reflect on the cause of the pain, the disappointments, our reaction to it, and to connect with God in a deep and personal way that will invite Him to help us where we cannot help ourselves.

I believe countless people want to connect with God and will do so, given an opportunity to pray. They will be drawn to come and kneel and spend a few minutes or a few hours to pray for themselves, their neighbor, and for our nation at America's Altar.


The Purpose for the Funds

Our objective is to build our first set of altars and to disperse them throughout various cities and states throughout America. We are building the altars ourselves to keep our costs low.

We will also need trailers to transport the Altar behind the vehicles that will tow them. Trailers will also provide transportation for items such as the kneeling bench, supplies, literature, and other necessary items and essential tools.

Your support will enable us to seize the moment and to attend strategic locations for people to seek God. It is going to the heart of the issue and will allow people to be touched directly by God when they approach this Altar to bow and pray. It is the ONE factor that will bring a wounded heart to Christ and will redeem and make all things new.

While people visit the Altar, there is a minister always there to share and pray with people as they desire prayer.

I am also doing street witnessing in the city. Here is such an experience in Selma, AL


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Please check often for updates of where the altar is on any given day.


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In God We Trust
I believe in this mandate!
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God Help America
You know it is going to take the intervention of heaven to help America through these perilous times. We must pray.
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Poetry and Rhythms
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There is a profound affect when we speak words of hope and life in a poetic way with rhythms that heal.

18 poems
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Embrace the Journey
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You know God has called you to embrace the journey He has called you to fulfill. America's Altar is a journey that can and will bring deep healing in the heart.

Share in my journey of sharing my faith over 1,000 miles throughout America on my bike!
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Poetic Revival of the Heart
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I love poetry and will celebrate with you through expressions of words that ignite the heart and inspire hope.
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Poetry of the Heart
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For your support, I'll send you the very first book of poems, "Naked Before God". 44 Poems that unveils the heart and makes it naked before God!
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Spiritual Strategy
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I understand that this is a spiritual warfare and takes Warriors to Arise to the battle. You have my support and thanks for the book!
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Take the Altar Forth
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I know that only God can heal our nation. I'm praying for your journey!
You receive one copy of my latest 6 books plus the Poetry is Me CD.
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The Altar Project
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I'll support a building of the Altar.

You'll receive sign copies of each of my books.
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I will build an Altar of the Lord
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You see the deep need for our nation to receive the intervention of God and want to sponsor an altar to be built for people to pray.

Includes sign copies of each of my books.
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Bring the Altar to my city
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You want to sponsor America's Altar to come to your city and or event.

Include 2 sets of sign copies of my books.
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