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Help Bring The Neon Vice Art Car to Burning Man 2019!

Neon Vice is a new Art Car built and operated through volunteer efforts and donations in the Seattle area, led by Sylvain Niles and crew.  Neon Vice is targeting it's next appearance at Burning Man 2019 and we NEED YOUR HELP!

The art car is a full size 60’ converted school bus shaped into a much larger than life 1989 Lamborghini Countach. We have fully rendered out the design in the video below with an artists rendition done in VR just below!

It features an LED edged exterior cloth frame on which thematic digital artwork will be projected from underneath, achieving a dynamic and engaging shape in the darkness, while the interior is styled in a synthwave/80’s style dance lounge with a bar, sound system, hip lighting, lounge seating and karaoke!

We have acquired the vehicle and pulled together an amazing amount of prep work and build through our volunteer efforts and crew, but to bring the vehicle to that thing in the desert and beyond, we are raising funds to cover the raw supplies, electronics, projection equipment and finer decor stylings.


Your donation will help us finish ordering all parts necessary to complete the basic vehicle modifications as well as covering true vice style adornments and offerings that we are looking to share with the event community!

This fundraiser will only run until our Fundraiser finale at the Re-Bar on August 10th! 


So get in on this before it's over!

We appreciate you all so much, that we have put together some special offerings for donations to help commemorate the genesis of NEON VICE.  Check them out and help us create this one of a kind mutant vehicle and lounge!

Please note: We plan to deliver the first wave of Swag ON PLAYA in person as our preferred delivery method, if you pick up in person you will get a special gift! Stay tuned for details as shipping more than stickers is complicated.

Anyhoo, we are doing the stretch goal thing too!  But we are only showing the first one, the others UNLOCK once we hit the one before!  Let’s uncover the SECRETS… TOGETHER!

  • Our goal - $3000
    • If we meet our first goal, we will be throwing a special party at the burn, if you donated we will send you the location just before Burning Man gate opens in a special email to our patrons!
  • Stretch goal 1 - $4000
    • New sticker design for all backers!! If we get close we will reveal it...
  • Stretch goal 2 - $5000
    • Also secret…  SHH!


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$10 USD + shipping
Decorate Your Trapper-Keeper
Ships Worldwide
Be the coolest kid in school with our sticker pack! Four totally rad designs, get some to share!
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$20 USD
Just The Patch
Show your love on your favorite acid washed jean jacket with our patch featuring neon thread!
More ... Less ...
$25 USD
Look Cool at School
Why pick between your Trapper Keeper and your Jean Jacket? Decorate both! (Jacket not included)
More ... Less ...
$25 USD
Totally Rad Pin
Our soft enamel logo pin which GLOWS IN THE DARK!
More ... Less ...
$50 USD
It's a bird.. It's a bus.. No it's a GIANT LAMBO PATCH.
More ... Less ...
$60 USD
Look Cooler At School
What's cooler than cool? Adding our glow pin to the mix!
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$150 USD
Tubbs 2.0
Tubbs 2.0 is even cooler and more supportive of hot neon nights. So cool he gets ALL the previous perks, some light up grid shades, a special necklace, and a VIP ticket to our community event August 10th in Seattle!
More ... Less ...
$200 USD
Crockett just HAS to show up Tubbs, doesn't he? If you're as cool as Crockett you'll get all previous award levels and have your name immortalized on a plaque on the vehicle!
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$800 USD
Knight Riders
You heard about this happening, let’s make it happen! At that thing in the desert, on day we work out with you, we will bring the party to you! We will come as close to your predetermined location as we can get (NEON VICE is BIG) and pick up you and 25 of your friends and take you around to locations you specify for a bit (at least an hour or two). We will also provide 5 swag packs (Patch, Sticker, Glasses) and some glowing wristbands for you to gift to your VIP’s so you know where they are in the dark.
Note that in the spirit of all the radicals and principles, we will also pick up more folks as they join through the party travels, because inclusion makes the party better! Also, don’t forget we are all really VIP’s here…
If you’re in Seattle, you’ll also get VIP access for two to our fundraiser on August 10th at the Re-Bar!
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$1,200 USD
Party Comes to YOU
This is exactly what it sounds like, we appreciate you resident pacific northwesterners so much, we will bring the crew, the vehicle, the sound system, the DJ’s, the lounge, the vibes, and folks that can catch the wave to a location within the Seattle and suburb vicinity (as predetermined so as to avoid parking tickets) to throw the ultimate VIP party.
We will also distribute 5 swag packs (Patch, Sticker, Glasses) for giving to your sub-VIP’s, and provide access for 2 VIP’s to our August 10th fundraiser at the Re-Bar.
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Show Discontinued Perks
$100 USD

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