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Special project to help DEAF child Jhopye, from poor tribe in Mindanao. She is amazing Blue Eye child, study very hard in school and want to learn to speak. Together we can help her get speech therapy and all tools to make her life easier, in very harsh poverty conditions. DONATE:
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831Angels Mission is to help kids get an education,  attend school, graduate and brake cycle of family poverty, change lifes of their entire generations.


#831Angels OUR STORY.....

I grow up in very compassionate family, without father, but in loved environment, always helping ether poor animals or just friends. Even at home I was part of something bigger...donated to organizations and want to make a difference.

However I remember when first time I come with poverty face to face, in the Phippines, while there for work, when I met people from demolished community. Watching them survive same as in caveman times, it turn my World upside down. More I learned and try to understand this people, more I was hurt inside.
I remember visiting and bringing food, basic need supply, kids shoes and snacks.. playing with kids, showing magic tricks... It broke my heart to see kids build toy car from old slipper, using sticks and bottle cups as wheels. I have seen this eyes, when child stare at the toy in the store and dream pretend that some day can have such kids describe to me darkness of sleeping on cardboard just under plastic they scared of big rat and pretend to sleep, so rat will go away.

Till now, remembering all this, I can not hold my tears. I remember eyes of hungry children who all they ask is a bisquite or cookie. Young boy who dive in to trash can by 7/11 to pull out cover from kit-kat chocolatte, so they can leak it melted left over. I remember outcry and tears of mother, when her child was in pain and with high fever and she feel helpless with no medicine to give. Listening kids talk about wishing to have a dress for christmas, seeing face of girl who first time in her life got cake for her 7th birthday, and broke down crying in disbelieve.... All of this left scars on my soul and filled my heart with compassion and love, changed me as Human forever.


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