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See these numbers?? What that means is that these 2 beauties started their lives out over 100,000 dogs ago at the same local shelter where their lives almost ended yesterday...

They were dumped at the shelter claiming that they were incontinent and instead of trying to find out why, their owners decided they should end their lives. Luckily for them, the amazing rescue office was informed of this and called DRSF intake coordinator (at  3:00  with the shelter closing at  4:00 ) and we quickly agreed and got the transport team involved and by right before 4, one of our long time transporters had them and headed north to Leader animal speciality hospital where Dr Lanam was waiting to assess what was happening with them. 

What she found was two of the sweetest 12 year old dachshunds she has met in a long time with some of the worst dental disease she has ever seen. The initial evaluation was to include exams, bloodwork and urinalysis in order to see if there was indeed any incontinence happening. What was found is that Johnny has a dangerously high blood glucose level along with keytones in his urine..... what does that mean?? Untreated diabetes.... he was urinating more often because he’s diabetic and instead of finding the answer as to why, the ex owners thought euthanasia was the answer. As far as June goes.... she has NOTHING wrong with her (beyond her horrible infected and rotting teeth). 
These are 2 of the most gentle and kind dachshunds around and we are so grateful to the rescue office, intake team and transport team that we were able to give them the life they deserve. 

Johnny and June are the definition of bonded pair so we are now faced with 2 very large hurdles and this is where our DRSF extended family takes over. 
We need donations to get them both the care they need, Johnny will need to stay at the hospital for a few days to get the diabetes under control (of course with June right by his side) and then they will need a foster or forever home that is willing to keep them together and give them the love and care they clearly were not getting. 
We have a difficult enough time placing seniors, add to that a bonded pair of seniors and now add to that Johnny’s diabetes.... but we are confident that there are people out there who will donate to cover the care of these 2 beauties and that these gorgeous faces will touch the heart of just the right family. 
(Side note information, a box of 100 needles at Publix costs just under $20 and a bottle of insulin at Walmart costs $25. So that’s 50 days of needles and, depending on dose, 2-3 months of insulin for under $50... that works out to less than $.75 a day to give these babies the love and care they deserve). If you want to foster, you will need to be in the tri county region to be near our partner vets, adopters can travel from anywhere to adopt. 

Below are lyrics to a song about them, seeing them together made me think of this song ❤️
“ I wanna love like Johnny and June,
Rings of fire burnin' with you,
I wanna walk the line,
Walk the line,
Till the end of time,
I wanna love,
Love ya that much,
Cash it all in,
Give it all up,
When you're gone,
I wanna go too,
Like Johnny and June,”

Will you help us help Johnny and June?  As always, even $1 gets us closer to our funding finish line and ensures that we can help not just Johnny and June, but the next pair in need who finds their way to our door <3 

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