InReturn Caregiver Fundraiser 2018- Andrew
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Start Date   4/26/2010

FROM – Oakley, OH

FAMILY – Sister-in-law, Karen

HOBBIES – Watching wrestling and Paranormal Activity Shows


I was born in Columbus, Ohio. My family is the greatest thing in my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am a genuine person and a very hard worker. I believe strongly that InRETURN has given me a sense of being and accomplishment, but also has introduced me to a great group of friends. My dog Rocky is the greatest thing my mom got for me and my dad. He is a little bundle of fire.


I have learned to play bass guitar. I am big into WWE and comic books. I also recently moved to Oakley where I am growing spiritually. 

Before InRETURN became a reality for me, I was introduced to the Tall Institute, run by Barb Thomas. I highly regard Barb Thomas as a friend and worker. I feel that the people at InReturn are friendly and treat me with respect. I feel I am genuinely a good employee and a hard worker. 

“InRETURN:  I came from nothing to having something in my life.”

The    InReturn   concept was developed to offer viable employment to individuals with cognitive challenges. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our associates by promoting an atmosphere of inclusion and personal success. The model is uniquely set in a structured work environment providing viable employment sustained through manufacturing contracts with local and national businesses and manufacturers. Associates participate in a therapeutic classroom setting to enhance life skills, such as managing everyday issues, community involvement, financial independence, and socialization. The recent addition of individual therapy services helps to enhance our associates achieve and sustain personal goals.    


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