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Olive Needs the Mutt Militia!
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Our newest Marley’s Mutt Miss Olive needs our help! Olive was owner surrendered on Tuesday, May 2nd to Kern County Animal Services. She presented with a host of issues including three large oozing skin abscesses, secondary skin infections everywhere, what looks like a chemical burn on her shoulder and a budging eye that most likely will need to be removed. On top of that, she had a stiff gait to her walk and signs of an upper respiratory issues. During her five day mandatory hold, Kern Country treated her infections and tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

We took Olive directly to the vet upon her release and the expansive list of ailments speak to a long, hard life of neglect. Chinese Crested are notorious for skin issues, but left unprotected, untreated and neglected the end result looks like this. Painful skin consumed with open abscesses, ulcers and secondary skin infection that would ultimately lead to her death. The skin is painful to the touch and extremely uncomfortable for her. She is on antibiotics to heal the infections and will need extensive skin care/treatment including medicated baths, acme solution, exfoliation and a special diet high in omegas 3/6/9.

This little lady is riddled with arthritis due to two fused vertebrae in her spine and a bad break on her front foot that was healed improperly. She will need anti-inflammatory and pain medication for the rest of her life.

She has had glaucoma for a long time. With the elevated pressure the eye bulged from the socket causing permeant blindness and ultimately will need to be removed when she is healthy enough for surgery. In the meantime, we are treating a large corneal ulcer on that eye and providing glaucoma medication to reduce the pressure. Once her skin infections and pneumonia is under control, she will have surgery to have the eye removed. The good news out of all of this is that her blood work is normal and NO SIGN OF CANCER!

To put this sweet girl back together will cost a bit and will require ongoing care for the rest of her life. The estimate for her eye removal surgery, skin care and managing her arthritis will be around $5,000. Even in all the pain, Miss Olive is in good spirits and enjoying her new outlook on life. She is around 7-8 years old and has a LONG life ahead of her. Let’s come together and give this girl the life she deserves Mutt Militia!


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