Chemo quills for Crowley! Please help
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Quills in need! Please help!
My companion Crowley( 2 year old hedgehog) has been diagnosed with cancer and won't last long without emergency veterinary care and treatment.


I'm Elizabeth  Shoemaker and iv always been a bleeding heart for animals. I just can't say no to those adorable little faces; especially Crowley's when she smiles up at you with those adorable little eyes and wiggles that pink nose :p 

About a year and a half ago today I made a long road trip to bring an adventure into my life :) 

Meet Crowley! My companion that I'd be so lost without. 

This sweet little girl litterly climbed into my lap and my heart. She's been my rock through alot of the hard days where it just dosn't seem worth getting out of bed, but than she looks at me with such love in her eyes and is always happy to see me that it suddenly makes everything worth it. 

Sadly about a month ago Crowley started acting down, didn't want play. Would sleep longer and didn't want to run on her wheel, she absolutely loves her wheel! So I watched her for a few days, checking on her every few hours and making sure she ate well. It was all downhill from there :( 

3 days later I noticed her eye was bulging out at an unnatural angle and the 3rd lid was expanded and milky in color. I rushed her to the vet immediately! The vet first suspected an infection. So we whent home with an antibiotic and the hope for a speedy recovery. 

A week into the antibiotics I went to wake her for the next dosage only to panic at the sight of blood all over her cage! Another rushed trip into the vets. It was discovered she had a urinary infection ontop of her eye problem that was still not showing any improvement. 

Now having two antibiotics and biweekly vet visits the poor baby develops constipation which can be deadly in hedghogs and with no improvement to either of her symptoms  despite the medications the vet suggested a blood test to check for oragan health and other possible causes for her illnesses. 

After a stressful two day wait for the results the vet called with the dreaded news. Her diagnosis..... Cancer. The blood test came back clean for infections and oragan failers and the ultrasound showed no signs of intestinal blockage to cause the potty issues leaving only one other culprit. Cancer. 

Crowley now needs a CT scan to determine where the cancer is and where it has spread in order see if it can be treated and removed. Without this scan Crowley has been given a limited chance of living to see 3 years of age. After loosening my job two months ago her veterinary care has drained what founds I had.  :( 

Iv looked into every possible solution and all kinds of credits, insurances and pay plans to pay for her continued care but many won't cover tests and treatments for pre existing conditions such as cancer :( 

The CT scan needed to determine where the cancer is and any tumors caused by it runs an average of $700 up front , surgery to remove the tumor and any infected organs with gas and medications for healing was estimated $600 depending on what the CT scan can tell us as well as the follow up appointment to have her stitches cleaned and removed with an overnight stay to monitor recovery usually avrages $200 if they don't run into complications. :'( and that's not including the cost of the cancer treatment if it's not in an area it can be removed where the only other option is monthly chemo therapy. 

Iv run out of options and I feel like I'm drowing because I can't afford the procedures she needs to save her life, like iv failed her when all she's ever done is love unconditionally . 

I'll do everything in my power to help my baby recover from this and come back stronger than ever but any little bit helps a great deal and we both would be eternally grateful for any help. - iv even made her an adorable chemo hat :)

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