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My sister’s life has been turned upside down by this imposter who has stolen her identity, using her ID and personal information since they stole her purse in 2015.  This has caused her problems such as mixed up medical records, hospital and ambulance bills, and finding her name is on “blacklists” at stores this person has stolen from. Now Kristen is facing prison for felonies committed by this person!

Months ago, my sister was actually arrested and went to jail for this person’s crimes.  When that happened, as frightening as it was, she thought the matter of her stolen identity would at least finally be dealt with.  She thought that she’d at least finally have an opportunity to tell the authorities that someone was impersonating her.  That was naïve, though.  She found out that’s not how the system works.
It’s been seven months and nine court dates since Kristen’s arrest, and it might surprise you to know that as of now the prosecutor in her case still doesn’t even know anything about her identity being stolen.  It might surprise you to know that even though our family has worked tirelessly and compiled an extensive collection of evidence that proves with 100% certainty that this person was not Kristen (and proves the identity of the actual criminal), no one outside our family has yet to see any of that evidence.  Not even her defense attorney.
I should also tell you that the evidence we have is not flimsy, not vague, not the sort of stuff that leaves you simply thinking my sister might be telling the truth.  It is indisputable and it is concrete, and there’s plenty of it.  It includes things like medical records and X-rays, photographic evidence, multiple witness statements, and more.
So why, after all this time, has no one seen any of this?  Well, the answer to that is the crux of the problem here, and it’s why I’m working so hard to get my sister a private attorney.  You see, no one can be shown this evidence except by Kristen’s defense attorney.  And he refuses to hear about it or look at it.  He doesn’t know what we have, he doesn’t know the facts, and he doesn’t want to know.  From her first meeting with him he has only seemed interested in her pleading guilty.  He appears to resent that he’s being asked to actually defend a client rather than just have them plead guilty and move on.  He has never, as of now, even sat down with Kristen to interview her.  The only way she can speak to him is to try catching him in the court hallway, and then he blows her off as quickly as he can.
I know this seems unbelievable.  It seems like I must be exaggerating or something, right?  Well, I couldn’t quite believe it, either.  Not that I didn’t think my sister was telling the truth, but I just had to see for myself.  So, I started going to court with her and my mom, just to see what was going on.
The first time I attended a court date with them, I immediately saw that her attorney’s behavior was exactly as she’d told me.  He did not speak to her.  He showed up in court and walked past us.  After a brief appearance before the judge, he walked out and headed down the hall toward the elevators.  I, myself, stopped him in the hallway to try and give Kristen a chance to talk to him, but he didn’t want to answer questions and reiterated that he wouldn’t make an appointment to meet with her.
At the next hearing a trial date was set, coming up in just weeks.  Beginning to panic because she’s about to go to trial with none of her evidence having been seen and no plan in place for a defense, my sister caught him in the hallway again.  She asked him, “When are you going to look at my evidence?”  That’s when he got irritated and let his real attitude truly be revealed in his words.  He said to her, literally, and I am quoting exactly:  “The state is not gonna look through your hundreds of documents.  I am not gonna look through your hundreds of documents.”  And then it got worse.  My sister mentioned her witnesses, and he said, “Oh, were these girls who were there with you that night?”
So, there it was.  He either doesn’t believe her, or he is so disinterested in her case that he doesn’t even remember that her defense is that she wasn’t there!  He was either calling her a liar, or he was simply showing his own lack of information about the case. At that moment I knew this man was not going to help my sister, and I knew I could not sit by and watch this happen.  I would have to help her get a private attorney who would genuinely be on her side.
As we left that day, my mother told this man that we were not going to deal with him anymore, and we were going to get Kristen a private attorney.  He laughed at her.  I don’t mean he smirked or chuckled – I mean he laughed, out loud, at my mother.  At all of us, really.  It was insulting, it was intentional, and it was outrageous.  And it’s also why I’m here telling you this story.
My sister must get a good attorney, and soon.  Trial is weeks away.  Preparations need to be made, witnesses need to be interviewed, etc.  Some evidence, such as medical records, requires an expert witness to present it.  There isn’t time to waste.
What has happened to my sister is a nightmare, and what’s continuing to happen to her is an absolutely unacceptable injustice.  Of course I am outraged because I am her brother, but everyone should be outraged at this because it could happen to anyone, and because an actual criminal is not being pursued or stopped.
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